31 March 2011

Handmade with Purpose

Gearing up for this...

Please consider purchasing my limited edition pink and pearl double rosette hair clip.
100% of the proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

More to come...


Why I Love Cap Creations

Top 3 reasons why I love Cap Creations:

3. Cathy has an incredible heart for the Lord and for others. I am so encouraged by the messages of her jewelry, her blog, and the various things she devotes her time and energy to (such as her amazing giveaway to bring a little boy home to his family).

2. Cathy is a super talented artist and crafter and features awesome ideas, recipes, and tips on her blog.

1. Cap Creations makes some of the most beautiful jewelry! I am in love with my new necklace. I ordered this necklace and was able to personalize it.

Guess what I chose?

More about Proverbs 3:5 here.

I am so impressed by the detail and quality. My necklace came beautifully wrapped and with great care instructions. It's super comfortable and hasn't left my neck since it came in the mail.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
lean not on your own understanding.
Proverbs 3:5

30 March 2011

Clearance Section: Treasure Chest

Have you checked out the clearance section over at the shop

Also, I now have black and gray bias tape earrings available! They aren't listed yet, so if you're interested, just purchase another pair of bias tape earrings and include your color choice in the message to seller.


I Wanna Be Like Reese

Tell me she's not the cutest dresser?! I'm pretty sure she's my style icon. I wanna be like Reese!

From people.com [my guilty pleasures].


29 March 2011

Build Your Own Robot Winner

The winner of the adorable pattern from Pickup Some Creativity is Melissa McLean. I'm e-mailing you right now!


Giveaway: Shaklee

Have you ever heard of Shaklee? Until recently, I hadn't. Shaklee is a group of independent distributors committed to green and healthy products such as nutrition and weight loss items, cleaning products, and health and beauty items.

I love the mission and marketing of Shaklee. "You can’t find a single Shaklee product on the store shelf. You find it through conversation. In a living room. On Facebook®. Over a cup of coffee. In an email from a friend. You find it when someone like me believes in it so strongly, they just have to tell you about it."
Alexandra, an independent consultant, first introduced me. You can get to know her here! She includes a list of her favorite products.

Here are a few things that I wouldn't mind having myself!

Alexandra is giving away one of her favorite items! A sample of the Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate

It can make one 16oz bottle of window cleaner and one 16oz bottle of all-purpose cleaner.

Just in time for spring cleaning!!

Want to win? 

Leave a comment with your best spring cleaning tip.

Spread the word for extra entries.

Happy cleaning!

[giveaway ends next Tuesday] 


Shops I Adore: Art and Soul

There are just so many gorgeous handmade shops out there that I want to start sharing some of my favorites with you. Those shops that catch my eye, make me happy, bring a smile to my face.

Simply, shops that I adore.

Deborah is an artist after God's heart. Art and Soul features beautiful watercolor jewelry and paintings that are serene and simple. Deborah's hope "is to inspire others to use their gifts and give all the Glory to God alone."

Interview with Deborah:

What is the story behind your shop name?

 The story behind my shop name it my desire to use my gift as and artist to give all the Glory to God alone.

What inspires you to create?

I am a Christian first and I am inspired to do art because of this.

What can be found in your shop?

In my shop you will find artwork with scripture,watercolor and mixed media... With some wearable art pendants one of a kind.

What is one word to describe your work?

yikes, ummm, INSPIRATIONAL. maybe!


28 March 2011

Praying for Each Other

Each Monday I will be posting prayer requests so that we can hold one another up and pray for each other throughout the week.

You can e-mail your prayers requests to me at iamalongfortheride[@]gmail[.]com. Feel free to e-mail today and I can add them. If you e-mail me throughout the week, I will post them next Monday.

Wendy: I'm taking my Comprehensive Exam for my Master's Tuesday at 10am (Central Time).  My prayer is that I'll easily recall the material I've been looking over and that I won't be worried or nervous before the exam.

Kelly-Jo: My husband and I are in the ministry and we are looking to do a private adoption and the finances of the adoption seem to be a brick wall to us; can you please pray that God will provide for the finances and that He shows us the way as we travel down this path, and that we stand patiently awaiting what He has for us. I also would love it if you pray that the adoption runs smoothly without any glitches-thank you so much!!! Oh the babies due date is Sept 24, 2011:)

Maria: For the soul of my dear friend's mother who passed away this month after a very short battle with cancer. And for me, as I'm returning to work this week after 3 months on disability with a shattered ankle.

Kallie: My prayer request is for myself, I just got a new job and it's really out of my comfort zone. I would love it if you could just pray for me to trust God in all of this, that he would open or close doors and that I will persevere through the tough part of starting something new.

Laura: I could use prayer this week for my husband. He has three tests this coming Friday for an awesome job at P.G.&E. (If you don't know what that is, it is a huge utility company on the west coast.)  So my prayer request is that he will pass the tests, get to the interview round, that if it is God's will, He will open doors, and that if it is or isn't this job, that my husband will find a job that he has a passion for, feels appreciated at, and is recognized and compensated for his time, effort, and skills.

Sue: First, I request a prayer for a couple of families who have children in the hospital waiting for heart transplants.  My daughter received a heart in July 2009 and she is now a thriving two year old.  There are two families with daughters in the hospital whose blogs I follow - I request a prayer that the girls will remain strong while waiting for their new hearts and that they will receive their gifts of life soon.  The second prayer is for myself and seems insignificant in comparison, but I have really been struggling with keeping my life in balance and being able to handle all of my work duties, home responsibilities, parenting responsibilities, etc.  I would just like some extra help with managing, prioritizing and feeling better about my capabilities in doing what I need to do.

Traci: I would really appreciate it if you all would pray for my friend, Miah (short for Jeremiah =D), who's moving to Wyoming on April 1st to work on his uncle's ranch for a year. Pray that he will stay strong in the Lord, and be a blessing to those that he'll be around during his stay, especially to his uncle (his employer). :-) And pray for us "back home," especially his family, as he's leaving his family's farm to do this; pray that it won't be a burden to them to have to take over his work this year.
Katrina: I'm having some really "trying" days this week. I would really like God's peace, mercy and grace to fall upon myself on Wednesday & Friday. I know whatever the outcome that God will be glorified!

Samantha: Would you please pray Tyler, my boyfriend, he is very overwhelmed financially and we are waiting on God to relieve his burden. Also, please pray for one of my students (unnamed for confidentiality), we have been concerned for her physical well being and we have become concerned with her home life.

Melody: I have 3 grown daughters, 2 of these have decided to go on a mission trip this July to Africa. They will be working in orphanges doing a VBS. They will be traveling together which helps me (momma) not worry as much for their safety. My prayer: first they need to turn in all their funds for the airplance tickets and stuff, by the end of May. They are doing a talent show this weekend with free-will offerring being taken and some car washes over the next few weekends but, they are still in need of funds. I pray that the funds will be made available for them. I pray for their safety as they travel and work with these children in Africa and that they will be blessed by this work they will be doing as well as reaches and blessing the children they will be working with.

27 March 2011

How Can We Pray For You?

How can we pray for you this week? 

How can we lift up your worries, fears, concerns, struggles to our Father?

Feel free to e-mail me your prayer requests for tomorrow's post.
iamalongfortheride @ gmail . com

For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God...
Colossians 1:8-10


Ephesians 4:29

source, text added by me


25 March 2011

Saturday is Crafty Day #37

Is it spring break where you are? 'Cause it's spring break where I am! Happy weekend everyone!

And guess what? New buttons!

Here's a few favorites from last week.

Repurposed window pane from Filly Lilly

Little notepads from Jaderbomb

Cake pops from the Moody Fashionista

Magazine flowers from Kelsey Inspired

What have you been up to? Link up!

p.s. Have you entered this week's giveaway?


Shops I Adore: Yellow Hope

There are just so many gorgeous handmade shops out there that I want to start sharing some of my favorites with you. Those shops that catch my eye, make me happy, bring a smile to my face.
Simply, shops that I adore.


I just love Rebecca and everything about her shop, Yellow Hope.

Yellow Hope features adorable scripture memory cards perfect for pockets and purses. A simple reminder of the Truth during a busy day.


I have three sets of cards and I just love them. I have them in my office, in my room, any place I need a little reminder.

Interview with Rebecca:

What's the story behind your shop name?

Well, it started out as a username back when I was in college.  My Mom had cancer and that was around the time it was popular to wear the YELLOW Livestrong bands.  Yellow is also my favorite color.  When I first started my Etsy shop [February, 2008], I had no idea about the handmade community in connection with blogging.  I had a blog and a blog friend mentioned Etsy.  So I quickly signed up and threw in my "yellowhope" username.  It has come to mean so much more, though.  YELLOW is my favorite color.  I love Jesus and the HOPE that is found in Him!

What inspires you to create?

My favorite magazine is Country Living.  It is enough country without being over-the-top-patchwork-type of country.  Not that that is bad....it's just not me!  I love the bright colors they use.  Of course, I also love Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple.  I love, love, love designer fabric and paper.  And there are so many inspirational bloggers in the blogosphere which continually amaze and inspire me.

What can be found in your shop?

Currently, many sets of Scripture cards.  They are mostly based on topic.  The idea is to display them in a convenient place where you can meditate or memorize a Bible verse.  My Mom has a set on her kitchen window ledge.  I keep a set on a ring clip in my purse.  It's great when I am bored [doctor's office, traffic back-ups, etc...].

I am working to expand my shop to include more things than just Scripture cards.  Right now, I have cute throw pillow covers listed.  I hope to add aprons and totes soon.  It would be wonderful to eventually add quilts.

What is one word that describes your shop?

Oooh.  Hard question.  I'll choose the word colorful.


24 March 2011

Handmade Resources: Finding Your Niche

I love being part of the Etsy community. They have so many great resources and tools for us handmade girls.

Even if you don't sell on Etsy, sign up. You can still benefit from great information they regularly e-mail out.

Like this fabulous article from Crafting an MBA about making your products more niche.

We All Could Use A Little Color

I've been feeling a little dull/tired/bored/ready-for-spring-break lately, so I thought I'd share a few colorful photos I had "lying around."

We could all use more color, right?!