06 July 2011

Want to Sponsor Along for the Ride

Are you interested in getting your name out there, promoting your shop, or sharing your blog?

Do you want to sponsor Along for the Ride?

Advertisement space is offered on my blog through ad swaps only. I've found that this works best ...and we both win!

A bit about advertising:

I feature my sponsors in a monthly highlight feature.
Sponsors get first choice of giveaway dates.
I promote your blog/shop through various other social media outlets as best I can.
Hosting a giveaway, product review, guest post, or blog post swap are always an option!

Along for the Ride has over 1,200 followers through Google Friend Connect  and receives nearly 21, 500 page views per month.

Interested? Email me at iamalongfortheride[@]gmail[.]com

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  1. thanks for stopping by and saying hey! :) your blog is cute and i think we might be neighbors!? both in MO right?



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