10 November 2009

My Latest "Project" and a Happy Birthday

Starting a blog has definitely been an adventure. I have absolutely loved reading all the incredible blogs out there and getting inspired. There are some really talented women who have shared great crafty ideas that I hope to try one of these days, like:

Monogrammed Candles



Famiy Rules Canvas

Unfortunatley I haven't had the time for these yet, but I have found a bit of time to start stamping note cards (I only own two stamps and three ink colors, but it’s a start!) and I would love to start some more home decor projects. For the time being, however, I thought I’d show you my most recent “craft” adventure.

That’s right, it’s a bulletin board; more specifically a bulletin board about “brain food” and what you should be eating to prepare for exams. For two years I studied student development theory, higher education administration, outcomes of higher education, and resource management. I have my M.A. diploma proudly hanging in my office. I must admit though, I still enjoy a good bulletin board. I put this one up on the 5th floor to help out one of my staff members.

Yesterday was Kyle’s birthday. I took him on a date to our favorite Thai restaurant. Although we intended to try something new, we ended up settling on our favorite standby: Pad Thai!

Mmmm yummy!

Kyle loves his super spicy version.
I was sad becauase I couldn't finish it all.

Happy birthday sweetie!


  1. We LOVELOVELOVE Thai too! My husband gets so happy whenever I suggest we order it!!!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment! :) Welcome to blogland! :)



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