20 March 2010

T-Shirt Flowers

After collecting fabric and ribbon flower tutorials, I've been making flowers like crazy. I may or may not have shrunk some of my husband's new white t-shirts, but all was not lost. I've been adding the t-shirt fabric to my pieces. The knit material really adds a neat dimension to the flowers.

How about some earrings?

Or a ring?

Or a hair pin?

Next week I'll share with how  I made these! Until then, I'm going to go make some more!


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  1. Cute flowers! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like some fun things going on over here. So glad to know you're here.

  2. cute Laura! you won the second prize for my giveaway!! susan

  3. Oh those flowers are precious! Perfect for Spring! I especially like ring! Can't wait for the tutorial!!

  4. I've been pondering some new fabric flower earrings, trying to come up with some... and those are cute...

  5. Thanks so much for getting the party started at Craft Schooling Sunday! So nice to see a new face and I love your sweet project! Hope to see you again next week!

  6. I have SO many ideas on how to use those cute flowers :)

    Check out my DIY Easter wreath here...

  7. So cute! I love the colors...so springy!

  8. Those are really cute!
    New follower... can't wait to see how you made these!

  9. So cute, love the earings and bobby pins, what a great idea! Thanks for linking up :)

  10. I love making flowers like that out of small scraps or whatever I can find
    Thanks for linking up to check me out saturdays

  11. What cute flowers. I love the pearls you used. SO pretty!



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