07 May 2010

Guest Post: Just a Night Owl and Saturday is Crafty Day #3

The next couple of days are going to be crazy! My students have finals this week and next week we close down the hall. While I'm busy preparing for summer, a few of my favorite bloggy friends will be guest posting. So please show them lots of love.

Oh, and don't forget to link up your latest projects below!

I'm so glad that Darcy from Just a Night Owl is here today to kick things off!


This simple reminder and good use of scrapbook paper hangs on the wall in my home. I bought sixteen wooden squares from Joann's ( I had to special order). I bought some yummy scrapbook paper with lots of different textures and some wooden letters to spell one of my favorite words...
P L A Y. Then I grabbed some left over fabric and embellishments from around the house and went to work.
1. Paint the sides of all squares. Make sure and paint the face of four of the squares that will hold the wooden letters. On the rest of the squares it isn't needed. I chose ivory paint.
2. Paint the wooden letters to the desired color. I chose black.
3. Cut the paper/fabric to size for the face of the squares. I used both fabric and paper on mine.
4. Use Modge Podge to adhere papers, fabrics, and letters onto the squares.
5. Use any flowers, charms, ribbons, stickers, to accessorize... should you desire!
This quote to live by
"Never underestimate the power of acting young silly and crazy"
was a sticker mounted on light green solid scrapbook paper and mounted again on my original polka dot paper
The blue paper had a cool little BE YOURSELF design already in the design so I just cut it to make sure I had that part showing and then added three self adhesive silver embellishments
Make sure you paint all the sides of the squares! As clearly, thanks to this pic above, I missed a bit on the toile square. OOPS! I have to go back and do that one...
I used command strips to hang these up.
(YES, they really DO work!)
I want to make more! Imagine the possibilities!


  1. Laura, I love the name of your blog! SOO true!
    -Sarah from Create Studio

  2. This is such a cute idea to cover a large space.

  3. Thanks for hosting. Hope you make it through the week beautifully.

  4. I have some picture hanging putty that works great too. I'll have to look for these! Thanks for hosting :)

  5. Thank you for hosting! Have a great weekend!

  6. So cute! I'm right there with you on finishing up the year. Crazy time for teachers, for sure!

    :) Laura

  7. Thanks letting me know about your linky party. I have added my first of what I hope will be many projects. Thanks for hosting.


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