21 October 2010

(In)Courage Guest Post

My job is somewhat of a mystery. When I tell my family I work at a university, they ask me what I teach. When I tell friends that I’m a student affairs professional they giggle. When I tell strangers I’m a residence hall coordinator they ask me what year I am in school.
“I’m in 20th grade and no, I am not an RA.”
If you’ve ever attended college or even stepped foot on campus, you know that the energy there is just electric. So many young minds being molded and shaped and challenged and stretched. The excitement and spirit is contagious. The potential for growth is exhilarating.
I have spent the last year as a full-time hall coordinator, supervising 11 RAs and being “mom” to about 400 college students, mostly freshmen, at a large state university.
I have spent the last year coming to the realization that my job is not a job at all but rather a calling from God to love and to serve.
Want to read more? I'm over at (in)courage today!


  1. I love this! I'm also a hall director and this relates to my experience completely! Thanks for sharing this!:)

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I work in admissions at a small, private school in the midwest and this encouragement was exactly what I needed at this hectic time of the year. I believe God has put me in this place for a reason but I often find it difficult to separate myself from the real life drama going on around me. The verses you shared are definitely much needed!

  3. When I see your posts, I see them on an RSS feed, so it's not always immediately obvious to me what something is until I look more closely.

    I saw your first paragraph and thought, "Hey, I know people who will really like this!"

    And then I saw it was you and laughed. :)

  4. I read your guest post on (in)courage and recognized your pictures from Mizzou! I'm a grad student there and I can definitely relate to being in the 20th (19th) grade! :)


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