20 January 2011

Bias Tape Earring Collection

Well the bias tape rosette earring collection is complete!

Colors include:
(picture 1) sunshine, baby blue, ruby, chocolate, mustard, navy
(picture 2) peacock, leaf, spice, mint, khaki, pearl, rose, and peach (sorry, no more gray)

Just $6 and you can own your favorite color!

My favorite color is mustard.

I'm giddy over 'em.

Interested in your own pair (before the new colors hit my shop)?

Leave a comment with your e-mail address and color choice (I'll send a PayPal request).
That's free shipping, y'all.



  1. i SOOOOOO love these...I keep hinting it at my husband - guess I'm gonna have to just buy them and tell him they are from him! :o)


  2. leave a comment here?


    MINT :)

    free shipping, really?

    i love these! they are so beautiful. it's so hard choosing a color. i want a pair of each!

  3. i adore these pretties!


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