20 October 2011

Things I've Been Thinking...

[remember when I had long hair??]
  • I hate winter shoes. My husband says there is no such thing as "winter shoes." He says those are just shoes. What I really mean is I hate socks, but I have to wear them in the winter, because I hate cold feet more.
  • Extreme Couponing is a funny show. Watching it makes me a little sad sometimes. But I don't get too sad because I'm too busy laughing.
  • Speaking of TLC Shows, I really do love the Duggars. Agree or disagree with them, I have a really great respect for that family.
  • [Watching Conan] Conan looks way better with a beard than without a beard.
  • We're buying a couch off of Craigslist this week. A part of me things that is kind of gross, but a bigger part of me is just really excited to have space for more friends.
  • I absolutely adore the Honda commerical where the family sings Crazy Train - - - you can see it here, and get ready, it was filled off of someone's TV!
  • I'm getting ready for a craft fair in two weeks so my shop is kind of looking sad. No new products lately. But don't worry, I'll spruce it up soon.
  • What have you been thinking lately??


  1. I'm not a big sock fan, either. I'm thinking if I can finish the Halloween costumes for my children this weekend, I'll be so grateful!

  2. I never wear socks. I am in menopause and well, it's just too darn hot with them on. I think every time I watch Extreme Couponing I say "seriously?" like 1,000 times to myself. I haven't seen the Duggar show for a long time. I do not know how they do it!

  3. I really enjoy the Duggars too! I love their morals and family values. I admire their love for family and wish that I had it in me to raise that many children....but I've got twins so maybe that's close enough. A craft fair sounds fun. The ones in my area over price the booth zones and that makes it hard to make that money back. Like $250 a booth overpriced..eek!
    The cold air joined us this week and my toes are not so fond. So like you said, winter shoes are a must and their really not the cutest. I pray you have a great weekend and that the preparation for your craft fair goes smooth.

  4. hehe I love socks. I wear socks to bed. It weirds my husband out, but I HATE cold feet.

    I also love the Duggars. Hope to see more of them someday (right now we don't have cable).

    TLC, Food Network, DIY Network and maybe Discovery are channels we would get if you could just pay per channel for cable.

    I love to watch What Not to Wear as well on TLC. However, I'm still terrible with fashion.

  5. I love Extreme Couponing + the Duggars!! TLC has some fantastic shows!
    I really dislike wearing socks with shoes. Wearing just socks around the house is fine, but I don't like to out into the world wearing them.
    Have a wonderful weekend!! PS Yay for craft fairs!!! :)

  6. I'm the opposite. I don't like wearing sandals very much, so I love "winter shoes" which translates to boots for me :) And I've been thinking about my much shorter hair. Such a fun post!

  7. I LOVE the Duggars too! My husband and I used to watch it on our date night. We don't have cable anymore though, so haven't watched them for awile. The Honda Crazy Train commercial is awesome. :)


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