29 January 2014


- A friend shared this post with me (from Mrs. Fancy Pants) and boy, those words could have come out of my mouth (although she made them sound much better than I could). Beautiful truth that really hit home for me. 
There is one line of thinking that “I was made to be a mother.”  And that just isn’t me.  am a mother.  And, second to wife, it is by far the highest honor I have. But I was made for so much more.  I have gifts and talents that God has given me and when I use those, I am a better mother because of it.
- I've been dealing with some anger/grumpy issues lately and this post helped me put those things into perspective (from Living Well Spending Less on The Better Mom).
None of us are perfect. Every mom gets angry sometimes, and we all make mistakes. Acknowledge your feelings in the moment, tel yourself, "I am angry right now, and that is okay," then also give yourself permission to let it go and to move on.
- Loving this post on how to manage paper clutter in your home. I've been trying to hard to organize our home in more useful ways (and I've actually been really successful at it). The post includes a really great link on how long to keep documents.
Create a mail station and go through your mail every day as soon as you bring it into the house. Have one day a week to catch up on filing, shredding, and balancing the check book. 

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