31 October 2009

Cozy Saturdays

For me, Saturday is an introvert's dream.  My husband and I are different in many ways- one of those ways is in how we use our days off. Kyle dreads his days off (unfortunately his days off are Wednesdays and Fridays and not at all conducive to spending lazy days with his wife). I on the other hand count down to Saturday. Kyle works all day and it is time that I get to spend with one of my favorite people...myself. I am an introvert living in an extrovert world and I need quiet, silent, cozy Saturdays to refuel me for all the other days of the week. I absoluately love the time I spend with my husband and the work that I do throughout the week with my students, but Saturdays are the one day of the week that are just for me and the things that I love, like:

Doing laundry and making sure my husband has clean undies for the week.

I am so grateful for the blessings we have been given through my job (such as a free apartment and laundry facility), but at times it can be frustrating. Luckily we do not have to do laundry with the students (no coin-op for us). We share the washer and dryer with the custodial staff. The washer and dyer are located in the depths of the residence hall basement and every time I open the door I close my eyes and flip the light so that any mice who may be calling the residence hall home have time to scurry away. Today I unfortunately ran across a washing disaster. An impatient student decided to take out their laundry before the front-load washing machine was finished washing and proceeding to nearly flood the basement. Luckily I am a professional with a wet vac. I'm getting better at this hall coordinator stuff...I didn't even skip a beat.

Another thing I love about Saturdays? Drinking cup after cup of coffee- the good stuff- not the supermarket special stuff I drink throughout the week. And the only thing better than a glorious cup of coffee? A glorious cup of coffee with pumpkin spice creamer. Mmmmm...
Another Saturday favorite is making jewelry. Saturdays are really the only days I have time to commit to the big 'ole mess that jewelry making creates. Project of the day:

It used to be a bracelet but I think it will have a better life as a necklace.

This morning I went to a used furniture sale and found this gem:
I'm going to paint it green to match the perfume shelf in the bedroom. Pretty!
I also spent some time judging the 5th floor Halloween door decorating contest.

You may be wondering what on earth I do for a living (what with getting a free apartment and the opportunity to judge decorating contests). I am a hall coordinator at university. I work in a building of about 450 students, mostly freshmen. Want to learn more? Wikipedia can help!

Although I love my lazy, cozy, quiet Saturdays, I also spend much of the day missing my husband and waiting in excitment for him to come home. It's almost quitting time for Kyle and I want to have dinner waiting.

What do you love best about Saturdays?

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  1. I am LOVING your blog! What a great way to keep up with your life from afar :) Glad you're doing well! And despite the fact that I'm on the line between extrovert and introvert, I love a Saturday of being alone and domestic, too! AND pumpkin spice creamer. Take care and keep up the writing! Michelle


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