19 November 2014

Aromatherapy Shower Melts

I hate waking up in the morning. I probably hate it more than anyone else in the world.

So in an attempt to be a little bit happier about having to get out of bed, I whipped up a few aromatherapy shower melts.

I used "cheer up buttercup," a blend of bergamot, orange, lime, grapefruit, and lemon oils. Seriously, it's like bottled joy.

This is hardly a scientific recipe. I dumped a box of baking soda into a bowl and added enough water to make a paste. I filled a cheap silicon baking mold with the mixture and let them dry (I baked them for a while at 250 and then let them dry the rest of the way on the counter). I added a drop of oil to each cube and put them in a jar, because everything in my house goes in a jar. (Next time I make them, I am going to mix the oil right into the paste before I put them in the molds. I am also going to skip the oven and just let them dry on the counter over night.)

To use, put one on the floor of the shower in the morning, take a deep breath, and hate waking up just a little bit less.

My mom and I made these this past weekend and she added Breathe to her melts, perfect for the sniffles or a persistent cough. Here's another great recipe for vapor shower disks that uses rosemary, eucalyptus, and lavender oils.

Have any other tricks for me to not hate the morning so much??

14 November 2014


I've been dabbling in essential oils for about 9 months. We were super sick last winter and while looking for ways to help my family stay healthy, I stumbled into the strangely large world of essential oils.

Essential oils aren't that complicated. Basically, they are highly concentrated compounds distilled from a variety of plants.

It gets complicated, however, when you start to talk about various brands and companies that sell essential oils. Two large companies market them through direct-sale methods - folks not only buy oils, but they typically sign on as consultants (I did at first to get a discount on the products) and then can start to sell and market the oils and build their "business."

This is where things got strange for me. The cost, schemes, requirements, and business models of a few companies rubbed me the wrong way -- I wanted to use more oils in my house, but I just couldn't get around these things.

I have recently found a brand that I love - I'm loving the oils and the company itself! And it's been so fun learning new ways to use these powerful tools in new, beneficial ways.

I see myself writing more about the ways I use oils every day, and hope to share my experiences (in a fairly brand-neutral kind of way).

Do you use you essential oils? I'd love to hear how!

05 November 2014

Getting Away

This past weekend, Kyle and I got away for a bit and took a trip to the mountains. We're only about 2 hours from Ashville, so we left right after work and get there for cocktail time.

Kyle's parents graciously volunteered to watch Sam - it was my first time away from him ever. I have been with him every night (or with him in my belly) every day for 2 years and 9 months. Crazy!

I don't think he missed us.

Kyle and I had such a great time. We ate our way through Asheville and has some of the best meals I can remember. I will crave the brussel sprouts from Wicked Weed for the rest of my life.

We are so not picture people, but we did manage to capture this cute little selfie before our brewery tour. Kyle with his new old man hat. Me with my poor attempt at wavy hair. Gosh, I'm so glad we found each other.

17 October 2014

Happy Birthday My Little Human

Dear Samuel,

I can't believe you're already two! Boy, that sure happened fast.

I remember finding out about you. Hearing your little heartbeat. Watching you grow. And then welcoming you home. Spending your first year together.And then heading back to work full time, missing you every day.

It's been a hard two years. I don't have to tell you that not every moment of parenthood is a picnic.

But even when it's hard, it's usually better than I could have every imagined.

Two years ago you were a teeny tiny bundle, crying and eating and not much more.

Now you're running up and down the hall, talking up a storm, and being super silly. You're all like "look at me, I've got underpants on my head."

You're basically the silliest, funniest, cutest, wildest, most wonderful kid I know.

I love you, Sam. I love watching you grow and change. And I love seeing how you change me for the better. There are parts of my heart I didn't even know existed until I had you.

You're a gift. Even when you poop in the tub and throw it at me like a monkey at the zoo. You're a gift. And I cherish you.

Love, Momma

07 October 2014

Autumn Inspiration

I'm keeping it super simple this year -- a few pumpkins here a new wreath there and we're done. I feel like I finally have all my regular decorations in exactly the right spot, so why would I want to move them all around for seasonal decor?

But it doesn't mean I don't like looking at the way other people decorate. Here's what I'm loving on pinterest (just pretend it's what I would do if I was doing anything this year).

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

As you can tell, I really like simple decorations with lots of neutral and natural elements.

How do you decorate for fall?

02 October 2014

Parenting is Hilarious!

I've talked about this before, but I'll say it again...

parenting in hilarious. Truly. It's the funniest thing I've ever done.

when your son wears underpants as a hat
when he insists on putting his face in his cereal bowl and eating like the cat
when he dances around the house naked
or poops in the hallway

I mean, come on, that's funny.

Last night I was wrestling with him to get him diapered. I took a break from the wrestling match and he quickly hid in his closet (hide and seek is his new favorite thing). I heard a strange noise, and when I opened the door he said "Mamma I pee peed. Look, pee pee) and pointed at the pool of pee he was standing in.

I cracked up!

Of course I cleaned it up and tried to explain why he shouldn't pee on the floor.

But I also started crying from laughing so hard.

Of course parenting is serious business, and our days as moms and dads are full of moments of pure joy and pure challenge. But as Sam gets older, I find more and more to laugh about. And not a "how is this happening, if I don't laugh I'll cry" kind of thing. But the kind of laughing you do when you are overwhelmed with happiness over the child you created. Over seeing him learn new things, get into silly situations, and make his way through the world one pee pee accident at a time.