08 November 2009

Sunny Sunday

The weather today could not be more perfect. It’s 75 degrees and sunny. A warm fall day that makes you forget it’s November.

Since I showed you a few of my favorite things that I already own, I will show you a few things I would love to own as seen in the latest Pottery Barn catalog.

I guess  I'll have to start saving!

Kyle and I have started two weekend traditions. The first is on Saturday mornings. Every-other weekend Kyle works at noon instead of 10am. On these mornings he gets up and lets me sleep. He makes French toast and we eat breakfast in bed. A perfect way to start the day. We have also been going out to brunch on Sunday afternoons after church. We have not been as lucky with our brunch tradition. It seems that we always get stuck in the worst possible table. The place where the owner thought, “we have a tiny bit of space here, let’s squeeze in a table.” Last time we went to brunch, we sat at the smallest possible table right next to the bathroom. Any closer and we have been eating in the bathroom. The place was hopping and it was the most popular bathroom I’ve ever seen. I think it was a one-toilet deal, so there was a chair for people to sit and wait their turn, basically next to our table. Since we were the forgotten table in the bathroom, we also got pretty bad service.

Today we tried a new place. It was packed and the food was delicious. We had to wait quite a while for a table (looking at the clock because Kyle had to make it to work). When our name was finally called, we walked to our table where a flustered waitress met us. She was trying to figure out who just walked in and who was being seated. She snapped at me a little asking, “are you Laura party of 2?” That’s me, I am Laura party of 2! It was not pleasant and quite awkward (if you know me at all I am the queen of making every normal person activity awkward). Once again, we got the "this looks like a good spot for a table" table. It was stuck to the side of the waiting area. We were not with the rest of the people at sweet tables. I felt like we were the greeters, actors pretending to eat to show people walking in just how tasty the food was. And boy was it tasty. I had the egg and veggie scramble: peppers, onions, squash, and tomatoes with organic eggs and roasted red and sweet potatoes, homemade wheat bread. Yummy!

What are your weekend traditions?


  1. Oh, I just love browsing the PB Catalog. It inspires me to find the same look for a lot less. :)

  2. I got lots of Pottery Barn gift certs for our wedding! I StILL haven't spent them - looking for the 100% perfect thing!

  3. Teri Denlinger (Mom #2)November 10, 2009 at 10:44 PM

    Looking at your "large item" dream list from Pottery Barn reminded me of a wonderful Christmas memory. Kyle and Todd always wanted one of those big jeep/cars that all the other neighborhood kids drove up and down their drives. Each year at Christmas time when the jeep was not under the tree they heard the same response..."Sorry boys, it was just to big for Santas Sleigh". ha. ha. (Funny, they never asked why it fit in the sleigh for the other boys!!)

    Heres hoping someday Santa will have a sleigh big enough to hold all your dreams!!! Love YOU!

  4. My mom has the white table, only not in white.


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