12 December 2009

Folk Holiday

Folk Holiday...that's that Pandora station I'm listening to this evening. I'm enjoying a lazy afternoon/evening of laundry, music, and my pretty Christmas tree.

Have you ever heard of Allison Crowe? Her version of What Child is This just came on Pandora. It's amazing. You can listen here. Gosh, how did I live so long without Pandora to entertain me?

Sorry, but it looks like posting is going to be just a Saturday occurrence, or at least until I get this building closed. I've been working 10, 12 hours days lately and am eager to get some quiet time to finish up last minute projects before making the switch to being the hall coordinator in a new building. I'm also looking forward to spending more time with my husband. That has definitely been in short supply lately.

Have you ever seen anything so pretty?

And these?

I hadn't either...so I bought them up. I am the happy owner of my very own mum earrings and two sets of mum bobby pins.

Rachel from one of my favorite blogs, No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane, makes them. You should visit her!

I love reading blogs and seeing how others have decorated for Christmas. We are slowly getting a few decorations for our first Christmas together and I look forward to working on my collection.

I really love the look of rustic Christmas decorations. Pottery Barn calls it "Woodland." Here's a few of my favorites from PB.

So far, buttons, a little tree, and some wooden decorations is about as far we we've gotten.

This morning some friends and I went to our local hippie store for an afternoon of free crafting. We decoupaged jars and I filled mine with homemade bath salts. I also decorated a tall jar for a candle in our bedroom. While browsing, a friend and I saw a wreath made out of a coat hanger and scraps of fabric. We thought "we can do that!" An hour later we had ourselves little Christmas wreaths. We both decided they would look good as a candle ring  on the kitchen table.

Ok, back to folding. Happy winter evening, friends.


  1. Good thing you have a pandora to wear while you listening to pandora. Happy crafting and dreaming of PB!!

  2. I love PB too...and I had some minor panic today when I realized how close we are to Christmas...and how many handmade things I still want to make :) Have fun finishing up school for 2009!

  3. hey laura-just wanted to let you know PB has an outlet-my husband and i get stuff from the outlet all the time and normally your post prompts some shopping-by the way this is bethany (almquist) edwards. hope all is well with you and your fam-i always get the update from red and linda. happy holidays!


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