19 February 2010

Cat Toys?

We buy Jupiter such cute cat toys. Nothing but the best for our baby! These were her Valentine's Day present.

With all these cute toys, and cubes, and things that roll, and things that make noise, do you know what her favorite thing to play with is? A paper bag. Yup, a plain old free paper bag from Panera Bread. Go figure.


  1. Our dog really likes to shred junk mail. And yet we still buy her the expensive dog toys. I think it's a pet owner thing. :)

  2. Sota is a big fan of a paper bag as well....and our feet. Both of which are absolutely free!

  3. Cats are crazy like that. I left a blanket on the floor and one of mine has made it into her own fort!

  4. Although I also buy my cat toys every time I step foot into the pet store (or any store that sells cat toys for that matter) her 2 favorite things are my hair ties and the flat, round sponge from my foundation. Crazy!


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