23 February 2010

Completed Living Room

I know this may not look like much, but getting the last few details completed in our living room is a BIG deal to us. We finally have pictures on the walls (instead of the blank frames that have been hanging up since we moved in...and were hanging up for 6 months in our last apartment).

I love how the bookshelf turned out.

I used canvas as a back drop for the open-back shelf. I used sticky velcro to adhere the canvas to the top shelf...a great way to make that corner look a bit more put together. I also made cute numbers out of card stock for my baskets (1 is our "home office," 2 is for electronics and cords, and 3 is for receipts).

Finally, we have pictures!

Chip board letters and some card stock for one frame, b&w photos of loved ones for the other.

A few odds and ends.

And our living room is finally a comfortable, relaxing, put-together place...

..full of treasures and sweet memories.

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  1. Great job! Everything came together so pretty! I'm working on my living room too but not done yet. Thanks for sharing yours in the DIY Project Parade!


  2. It looks great. I love the shelves and those numbered baskets, too cute.

  3. Thanks for linking up--I love a good versatile bookshelf and baskets are the best!


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