05 February 2010


I had never had a gyro before...but last weekend changed all that. Kyle and I went to a new Mediterranean cafe and we both ordered gyros. I was incredibly nervous about eating lamb (a vegetarian for four years and now I eat lamb...who knew?!)

Oh boy, it was delicious. Fresh cucumbers, green peppers, and tomatoes on top. Perfectly spiced meat. And lots of yummy tazichi...tashicky...TZATZICHI sauce.

Kyle has had some yummy Gyros in his time so he was skeptical at first.

What's the verdict Kyle?

Thumbs up! I agree.

And the fabulous Sunday-lunch-after-church tradition continues.


  1. I am guessing you went to the Olive Cafe. I would highly suggest getting a gyro from Casablanca in Columbia. My husband and I both think they are better than Olive's. They have this great sauce on them that is amazing!

  2. Come back to BG...we'll get one from South Side Six! Tasty gyros and yummy cucumber sauce and served with a LOAD of fries for super cheap!


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