02 February 2010

More Jupiter Pictures

Jupiter has been such a wonderful addition to our family. For the most part I absolutely love her...but there have been a few times that I would like to give her back. Like when she's climbing up the side of the ironing board, trying to jump on the counter (but being too little and running into the cabinets), or climbing the curtains above our bed.

Other than that, though, she's a darling kitty.

She's been a big help.

She has helped me with paperwork.

She helped me take pictures.

She even helped me blog.

Don't let his rolling eyes fool you...Kyle loves his little kitty.

I wanted Jup (as we call her) to feel at home so I added this above her food and water bowl.

I swore when we got a kitty that our apartment wouldn't look we owned a kitty. I said I would allow her a few toys but nothing crazy. We now have toys (oh the toys), things on strings, feathery things, and even a cube. But I told myself that was it. We didn't need a cat decorating our apartment.

And then Kyle made this...

It's pretty amazing. And Jupiter loves it.


  1. She is soooo cute!! Beautiful eyes! I'm sure you've had enough advice, but we found putting foil or double sided tape where ever we didn't want gunner to go, very helpful. After about a week, of it being at the kitchen entrance floor, He never entered the kitchen after that first week when we lived in kreischer (except once when a toy he was playing with flew into the kitchen, he looked at me scurried in and grabbed the toy with his mouth then ran back to the living room to play.)
    Kudos to Kyle's craft project and yours!

  2. I love her, she's adorable. I have really wanted a cat, but hubby thinks two demon pugs are enough. =)

  3. I LOVE the sign--how cute!!! ;)


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