06 February 2010

Of Course My Blog Rocks

I just found another fabulous so-you're-not-at-Blissdom post over at Serenity Now and thought I would link up to that as well. She's hosting 5 Reasons my Blog Rocks.

Here are mine:

1. My header and blog name. I absolutely love the new header I created. My blog title, "Along For the Ride" respresents so much for me and I love sharing my journey through my posts.

2. I have a good mix. I try to have a good mix between DIY, cooking, and "life" posts. Some days it's more pictures, others it's more words.

3. I live in a residence hall. As a hall coordinator (living in a hall with 400 of my closest students) decorating can be a bit of a challenge. I've really tried to make our apartment a home and love how it's turned out.

4. It's evolving. I've only been blogging since October so I'm still really new. I love learning new things from my favorite bloggers and appreciate all the wonderful projects and inspiration they have to share.

5. It represents all the things I love. From my husband and my kitten, my job, my faith, and my hobbies, my blog is a story of all the things I love.


  1. You have a very cute blog. :) Sorry you missed the party. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Your blog does rock! And I think I have only been blogging since October, too..neat :)

    We can be bloggy friends, what do you say? Haha..it's fun blogging, I like documenting things so that we can look back on them. Keep up the good work, Laura!

  3. Fantastic blog! Learned about it from Blessed Moon! We went to U of A and loved our RA's! What a fun, albeit challenging, job!

  4. yes, your blog rocks! :)
    love that you gave for a reason that it rocks that "it's evolving" how wonderful! we should give ourselves that same credit! :)


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