28 May 2010

Domestic Dispute

Some couples argue about putting the toilet seat down or messy toothpaste tubes. Kyle and I argue about...

the finger nail clippers!

For a long time we just had one pair of finger nail clippers, and it was a struggle. I would use them and then subsequently lose them [because I lose everything]. Kyle would use them and leave them laying around. It was a back-and-forth battle over "have you seen the finger nail clippers?" until we finally lost them for good.

The solution? We bought two new pairs of clippers. And to make sure that we don't accidentally use the other person's clippers [heaven forbid!] we engraved them.

And we are officially the nerdiest couple on the planet.



  1. Hi Laura. I am your newest follower from New Friend Friday. Great idea to get your own nail clippers. A simple solution to make you both happy.

  2. Coming over from New Friend Friday! Love your blog! First thing I saw was your header and I was like..I think she did that in Picnik! If so...YOU ROCK! LOL!
    I am your Newest follower!!

  3. Hilarious! I love this post!
    -Mama E
    Home and Hearts

  4. Love *heart* your blog! Following from FFF.

    xo Erin

  5. A truly *giggle-snort* worthy post. Anybody destined to stay married comes up with ridiculous solutions like this.

    Trust me.

  6. Ha ha! So nerdy I love it! Good idea though!

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    Happy Friday!!

  8. I am sorry but that does make me laugh!!!

  9. Hilarious! Me and my dear hubby do the same thing! Except he usually loses them. I will put them in the same place each time I use them. Then he loses them. And we buy a new pair. I think we're up to about 12 pairs now, but can only find one! I'm a new follower from New Friend Friday!


  10. We just didn't have a good permanent spot for them. So, when we finally ended up with an end table for our couch, I went out and bought 4 pairs at walmart and put them in the top drawer. We're down to 2 pairs. Go figure.

  11. That is just tooo funny, especially today because we too only have one pair of the BEST EVER fingernail clippers....my husband is away at work and I know he took them!!!! He's gonna get it when he comes home tomrrow b/c now I've bitten my nail almost off! hahhahha...maybe I'll have to get us some engraving going on!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. My Hubby and I too have fought over nail clippers! We too had to resolve to each of us having our own pair. I guess we don't have to share everything! :)


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