12 May 2010

Guest Post: Pickup Some Creativity

Hello Along for the Ride Readers!

My name is Chris.  I craft and write about my adventures over at Pickup Some Creativity.  I grew up in the big city, but now live in the country in Southern Idaho.  My hubby and I have four children ranging in ages from 9 to 1, two boys and two girls.  This is the view out my front door:

I started my crafty blog last summer when I had a break from grad school.  I finally had some free time, the baby was old enough, and all that pent-up desire to create started to come out.  The blog has grown slowly from there.  My goal for blogging is to share ideas that will spark YOUR creativity, and to help you foster creativity in your family.

Consider all of God's creations.

As His children, we each have an inherent ability to create.  Sometimes it just takes a little inspiration.  Here are some of my favorite creations (and tutorials!):

Some fun things I've done with my children:
Designed a Robot Softiestarted embroidery lessons, and helped my older children make Christmas gifts for each other.

Please stop on by.  I love having visitors, even if they are the virtual kind!

Thank you, Laura for letting me share your blog today.  :)

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