18 May 2010

Have You Seen the Cat?

This is common question at our house. You just never know where Jupiter is going to turn up.

Please humor me while I show you adorable pictures of out cat. Since she's a black kitty she's often hard to photograph. I've done my best.

Her favortite spot is in my lap when I'm crafting. She always has to have her nose in my projects!

Thank you for putting up with my kitty pictures. You can all go back to your regularly scheduled non-feline-filled lives.


  1. I post about my dog all the time! He ends up in a lot of them just because, like your cat, my dog is always by me - wanting to be the center of attention :) Check out my post today for a little surprise award! I've loved reading your blog and seeing all your projects and reading about your faith. So, thank you for keeping me entertained!

  2. My wreath - don't decorate!! :)

  3. Cute she is like my 2 black cats. Likes to get into things and hide. Sometimes I have to shake the kitty treats to find mine. But most of the time they are laying on the bed.

  4. SO CUTE! What a lovely kitty! :) I will now go back to my feline-less activities.

    P.S. I like the bathtub picture. heheee.

  5. haha I posted kitty pictures today- one of mine is black and the other is black and white so I understand the hard to photograph business.

  6. I forgot to say goodbye to Jupiter! I'll just have to come visit in the fall :)

    Don't let her burn herself on the glue gun again!

  7. How silly! I love hearing about people's pets!


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