20 May 2010

I'm Honored

I have recieved a few awards lately and I am so honored!

Michelle at The Scrap Shoppe gave me the Trendy Blog Award.

Pati at A Crafty Escape and Rebecca at This Present Life gave me the Versatile Award.

Lindsay at Little Thoughts gave me the Sweet Blog Award.

I am just blown away by the kindess and encouragement I've found through blogging! Thank you so much Michelle, Pati, Rebecca, and Lindsay!


  1. Blogging = awesome! :) Congrat's!

  2. Hi Laura! Thanks for the invite to your linkup on Saturday. I will be there, and I am following you now!
    -Mama E
    Home and Hearts

  3. Wow! I guess I'm not the only one that thinks you're great :) You're a popular gal!


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