29 June 2010

Don't Do It

If you love the way your blog looks but you think, "i'll just play around with it for fun," don't do it! In a matter of minutes, I lost my whole blog and then found it again. I can't handle the roller coaster of emotions!


  1. Thank goodness for saving your current template...I've done the same thing. :)

  2. Oh gosh! That's NO fun!
    Glad you got it back!

  3. Nightmare!!! That's one of the reasons my blog is very plain! I wanted it to be quite minimalistic but I'm also just too scared to do anything to it!!!

  4. I can imagine your frustration. I have "junk blog" a private blog that I try things out on first. That has saved me some of the frustration you experienced.

  5. eeeek, I'm glad you retrieved your blog ok! I hadn't blogged for a couple of weeks and when I came back on last week, I noticed it's changed a little. I was thinking of trying new, but maybe I just won't. Thanks! ~Stacey

  6. That's why I started a "practice" blog where I set everything up like what mine used to look like and then I could practice changes to see how things would look only it wouldn't damage anything. I can figure out html one time and the next time it totally confuses me so I didn't want to risk it! :)

    Also? I love: http://sneakymommablogdesign.blogspot.com/

    She has lots of tips and tutorials on how to make things better, easier, etc.

  7. That happened to me and my heart was racing! I messed around with it right before dinner and my husband ended up eating alone because I was trying to fix what I changed. Too stressful!!

  8. Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by!
    I have a test blog I try everything on first but I'm still scared when I change anything!
    If you have to change anything in html I panic!
    I see somebody else mentioned Sneaky Momma..I love all her blog tips and she is a super sweet and helpful lady..You should definitely check her out!


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