11 July 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

As you know, I've been in a bit of a funk lately. I thought I'd start of the new week right with a few randoms...

1. Right now my husband is making us some mango smoothies.
two mangos, orange pineapple juice ["some" is the measurement my husband told me], ice [we're trying it with strawberries tonight...we'll see how it goes]
Figure out how to cut a mango. This site helps.
Put mango, some juice, ice in a blender.
"Mmmm mango. Where have you been all my life?" -Kyle

2. We brought back bikes from Ohio last month and I am loving it! My bike is a pretty yellow Schwinn. What she really needs, though, is a bell and a basket. I'm thinking of trying to make one like this.

3. Apparently I forgot to fill up the ice trays as Kyle just told me "uh oh, all the ice trays are in here naked." Luckily we live in a residence hall with an ice machine. Saved!

4. Lately I've been a little bit down, little bit crabby, little bit mean and I'm hoping that this week I'm much more cheery. Because there really is so much to cheer about!



  1. sending you a {hug}.

    it's ok to have a grouchy day now and then... makes all the others that much better.


  2. Glad you have ice! And hope you are feeling a bit cheerier soon!

  3. HI,

    I came over from Carissa's. What a wonderful miscellany.

    The mango smoothies sound yummy :) and like exactly the right thing for a hot day like today.

    I just got my bike fixed. I am so happy that I can use it again. :) Do get a bell. Some people really do not watch out and do not seem to notice where they are going or whether there is anyone around they might run into ;)

    Have a wonderful week,

  4. You know the good thing about being in a funk for a week? Once you get out of the funk, the following week feels amazing, even if nothing spectacular happens during that week! :)

    As for you having an ice machine, lucky! We don't have any ice machines in our res halls, so when we're out of ice...we're out of ice haha (although we usually have a tray of coffee ice in there, but that's not always good in anything but iced coffee hahaha)

  5. mango smoothie is what I need right now. How fun, are you going for a bike ride? maybe a bike ride will cheer you up. Could it be that.....naaaa....maybe???.....a baby on the way?

  6. The Mango smoothie sounds delish! So thankful you have the ice machine where you live for those emergencies. Praying for God's joy to overtake you today!

  7. Bahahahah I love how he told ya the ice trays were naked! That is to funny! I am assuming ours were so much that is why my dad bought the hubs and I a refrigerator with an ice maker LOL

    Ooooh bike rides sound like fun but I am pretty certain I would injure something if I tried to ride a bike now

    Summer ;0)

  8. I've been a bit off myself. Mango is a nummy fruit I found a Mango slicer (like an apple corer slicer) at it is amazing!

  9. I wish we had an ice machine!! I always forget to fill the ice cube trays. :) One day I need to get a refrigerator with an ice maker.

    I want a bike. Lucky lucky.

    I'm participating in Monday Miscellany too! Feel free to drop by my blog as well! TheArtsyMom.tk


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