19 September 2010

A Fabulous Find

I can finally check off one item from my hope-to-own treasures list...a  beautiful antique fan

Isn't she pretty?

Now to find 
- an antique floor globe
- a card catalog
- a round spinny thing that the waitresses put your order slip on at a diner



  1. I love it! And it's blue...what an amazing color. I would love to find a card catalog but my number one thing...an old apothecary cabinet.


  2. I am weird but I usually don't know what I want til I find it. This is a particularly attractive specimen of an old fan - great find.

  3. What a cute fan! I have a friend who has an entire garage, and then some, full of thrifty antique finds. Praying you find everything you are looking for.

  4. So cute! Where did you find that??

  5. My parents had a fan like this! I love it!! Soo cute!

  6. That is rather lovely. Never thought I'd say that about a fan!

  7. Oh! I'm drooling! That is gorgeous!

  8. Whoo hoo!
    My Grandparents have a couple of these in their basement that I've already called dibs on.. now that I type that it sounds terrible. But you just can't let something like that go! :)

  9. I don't know if you got my email about my code not showing up in my emails to you, but its on our right sidebar of the blog.

    Also, I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind if next Friday, the 1st, I could feature your shop on my blog.
    Let me know!

    ..And (longest comment ever!) We have a giveaway going on! If you'd like to enter! :)

  10. FTFW! (For the Fanning Win!) The fan is awesome. I had a black one years ago, and it burned out when I connected it to an outlet in a "new" house, lol. I'd love to find a card catalog too!


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