30 November 2010

Six Things...

Anne Voskamp, from one of my favorite blogs A Holy Experience, recently posted "Six Things Every Christian Blogger Should Know" at (In)Courage. It has really got me thinking.

Why do I blog?
How can I use my words to serve the Lord?
What do I do when my blog is no longer a platform for worship?
How do I blog for a bigger purpose?

"And we blog as sacrificed servants who, like our Lord and Saviour, expose our own wounds, lay our real hearts out naked, and be vulnerable and humble and willing to be made an offering. In the upside down kingdom the only way up is down and there is no other way to be great and this is always the call of Christ in our life, to come and die and this is always our vocation, to be a servant.
Dying on an altar is the way we live in the upside down kingdom and we are a success when we serve because service is worship and this is what we were made for: Worship."
Read Anne's full piece here.



  1. This sounds pretty interesting. I'm headed to her blog to check it out!


  2. Good Questions - I blog to share the joy He gives me and hopefully to inspire others to seek Him.

    I often entry giveaways by following blogs - I have to go back and say good bye to some of them when I see their vaules.


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