10 November 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

I've been wearing lots of outfits lately (umm roughly one per day) but I've only managed to capture two.

But first, a bit about my style.
- Outside of that sentence I would not use the word "style" to describe the things hanging in my closet. I tend to pick clothes that are comfy, cozy, and, as Gilda Radner said, don't itch.
- I don't like colors much. I tend to wear brown, gray, black, and shades of green. I have a purple shirt that I like too.
- My favorite store is Eddie Bauer. But when I can't find anything in their sales rack I also like the Sonoma brand at Kohls. 
- I hate socks and I avoid them at all costs.

Now, on to the the outfits.

shirt: Gap
cardigan: Eddie Bauer
skinny jeans: JCPennys
boots: not quite sure, but I sure do love them

button up: Kohls (the purple shirt I was talking about)
tank: thrifted
jeans: NY&Co.
initial necklace: Things Remembered (I gave these to my bridesmaids and of course I had to get one with my new initials)



  1. Ohhh...I love the first outfit (the second one is cute too though). I am a fan of skinny jeans and boots. Takes me back to the 80's a little bit. Nonetheless, you pulled it off well!

  2. I agree with Beth! I love the first outfit, and it's inspiring me to not be so sketch about the "tuck your jeans in"... I usually do the same as you, "Comfy" but you've got the Cute N Comfy look down good.

  3. I just have to add that my closet is filled (filled!) with black, gray and brown for two reasons. That's kinda what I like and if I spend money on something new (or even just new to me) it had better go with everything I own. It sortof snowballed, lol.
    I hate socks too!

  4. love the first outfit - but also love the plaid in the second outfit.

    you are too cute!

  5. I love your first outfit - & I think the name of your blog is amazing!


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