09 December 2010

Anthropologie Lovelies

I'm not usually much of an anthropologie girl mostly because I never think I'm cool enough to wear their gorgeous items (nor can I really swing the price tag).

But boy oh boy are there sure a few beauties I'd enjoy.


  1. I love everything you chose!! But I agree with you about the price tag...maybe some day when I have a real job! ;)


  2. I have a real job and still can't afford any of their things. I think I'll have to win the lottery! But I love everything you chose :)

  3. What pretty things! Most of the time I look at their clothes and think, "There is NO Way I could pull that off." :) But they are sure fun to shop through and do knockoffs from!

  4. the skirt and the pant and the bracelet are making me drool. I wish I had the money for this.

    Just Better Together is having 2 giveaways!

  5. our anthro has a really good sale room, so i only look in there. everything else is just too much. their jewelry is great for knock off ideas.


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