07 December 2010

Christmas Decor

We don't have much, but then again we don't have much space either.

Our beautiful nativity scene that my hubby got me last year (this is really all the decorations you need).

Our tiny toothpick tree.

Kyle and I made the button garland last year and I made the ornaments out of cheap silver balls and scraps of paper.

And a banner to match.

Jupiter just can't stay away from the stinkin' tree.

It will be a holiday miracle if she doesn't knock it over!



  1. Simple and beautiful! Hope the kitty stays away from the tree!

  2. my one year old, who can't walk yet, somehow managed to pull our entire tree down on himself. it was quite the catastrophe! i do not wish the same for jupiter :)

    everything looks lovely!

  3. I have two 7 month old kittens. (Did you know that a 6 month old cat is 13 in human years? It explains so much!) ;-)

    We debated a lot of alternatives and finally went out and bought the cheapest tree we could find and plastic ornaments. We've had the bare tree sitting out for a week, hoping they would get bored with it before we decorated. Not happening. It's a given that they will knock over the tree, probably once a day, and this way, I don't have to worry about something important being broken.

  4. My little boogers, errrr...I mean kitties, LOVE to lay under the tree on top of the skirt. Good, they can be the gifts this year since money is tight! LOL

  5. If you hang a cinnamon air freshener in the tree it will help the kitty stay away.

  6. I love the new look! :) Your cat is SO CUTE!! I wish we could have pets but our landlord won't let us. Boo. I love the bunting! Did you make that yourself??


  7. I never get sick of tiny bunting. Just adorable!

  8. Oh I love it! My mom just suprised me with a Willow tree nativity set yesterday, and I posted a blog about it I was just so thrilled!
    I really like this one as well, all of her stuff is gorgeous!

    and cute kitty! :)


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