16 December 2010

Christmas Shopping and 2 Random Events

Tonight Kyle and I finished our Christmas shopping. That's not really the random part. It was fun to look around the mall and shop for others for a change...something we do not do nearly as often as we should.

The highlight of the shopping experience was these spring loaded chop sticks. Genius.

So yes, Christmas shopping adventure was successful. But part way through the last store I got thirsty...real thirsty. And then I got a hankering for orange juice that just wouldn't go away. 

We finished up shopping for humans then we swung by the pet store and bought a few things for the kitty cat in our life.

But the orange juice craving was still there.

Random 1: We went to the grocery store and bought a carton of OJ and drank it in the parking lot. I was afraid we were going to get pulled over and have to explain to the officer that we were really just drinking orange juice. Virgin screwdrivers if you will.

Random 2: As we drove down the road drinking our orange juice (because all my talk about it gave Kyle the craving too) we decided to visit the magic tree. 

I can't show you the wonderful picture of Kyle and I because he's still keeping his beard a secret. I'll be glad when we can let the cat...err beard out of the bag. 

So magic tree. A local man had been doing this at his house for years but last year the traffic to see the tree was too much. A local business center commissioned his work and now it's available for everyone to see.

It sure was magical!

And a little random.

And I still want orange juice.



  1. i get weird cravings for OJ sometimes too, ha ha!

  2. Sounds like a fun evening! I think when we crave things like OJ it's because our body knows it needs it, great vit c boost!

  3. Laura, where did you find those chop sticks. They are brilliant!

  4. That tree is pretty magical. ;)
    But the orange juice story is the best. :)

  5. You crack me up!! The orange juice story is fantastic. I don't drink orange juice very often but when I do, I drink a ton. Something about it just makes me want more!

    AND I see my button on your blog! Love! You're so sweet!


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