14 December 2010

Try Not to be Jealous

Lisa Leonard's front porch is just beautiful. Try not to be jealous of it's amazingness...although I know it's tough.

More on this little cozy spot here.



  1. I spy some little birdhouses! I am obsessed with them! I just adore this porch, I cant wait to have a covered porch to be able to decorate, the place we are in now would have great space if only the porches were covered.. so during my house hunt I am looking for a covered patio of some sort so I can put a chair or bench, some planters and other decorations without getting ruined by the rain!

  2. I love that she can make her dead plants look so chic.

  3. janacrews@hotmail.comDecember 15, 2010 at 12:00 PM

    I love all your accessories. They could be dressed up or down with any outfit. But my favorite is the coffe cozies. Everyone I know would love to have one for Christmas.


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