02 January 2011

Hello 2011

It seems like the holidays have been a marathon to the finish of the year. 

We drove 8 hours, spent a week in Ohio, drove 8 hours home, spent 2 days home, drove 7 hours to Chicago, rung in the new year, drove 7 hours home.

*large exhale*

I think this holiday was one of the best yet.


I've been reading a lot of posts about new year's resolutions. Some talk about creating a whole new you for the new year. Other's talk about being content with the you you already have.

I think I'm going to go for the mixed method approach.

I do want to love me more. I want to be able to smile and say thank you and mean it when my husband tells me how beautiful I look, instead of just rolling my eyes. I want to feel confident in my accomplishments and even more confident in the things I've still yet to do. I want to stop comparing myself to others and own the person I am and was created to be.

That being said, however, I do need to take care of me a little better. After all, this body is a rental, ya'll. It's a vessel to do God's work. It's the only one I've been given, and I've got to make it last.

Resolutions never work for me. By February [the worst month in my opinion] I've given up on every last one of them. 

Instead I need to invest in a few lifestyle changes in 2011.

1. Finally find a workout thing that works for me and make it last. I feel fat and lazy and flabby. I'm tired. I lack energy. I need to make a commitment to sweating at least a few times a week.

2. Eat better. What a simple concept, but oh my gosh, what a hard one to stick with. Chips and salsa and cookies and candy and ice cream and anything fried and salty is always way better than fruits and vegetables. But I've just gotta do it. Today I had an orange. It felt good.

3. Find balance and stop making excuses. I have a stressful job. I'm a stress-prone lady. I live where I work. I worry. It's not a great combination. I need to make a commitment to turning off work when I get home [or at least when I can] and a commitment to stepping up the work when I'm at work [working smarter not harder as they say]. That way my students and my husband all get the best of me instead of the yucky leftovers.

4. Dive into the Word. I have never really enjoyed reading the bible. I get lost in names I can't pronounce and places I can't remember. But as a believer, it is my responsibility to know my history and the very words that I try to live. I'm not quite sure how to go about this yet, but this year I want to find a home in the bible and develop a deeper relationship with Jesus through His life and story.

So those are the biggies.

As far as other things I want to work on, here's what I've come up with.

- read more books
- stop biting my nails and then paint them pretty colors
- comment on more blogs that I love
- make more stuff and then write about it
- write more about faith/write more substantial posts
- cook more [cause I sure do hate it]
- take more pictures
- buy less crap
- listen to more music

There you have it. My ode to the new year. I have no idea what it will hold, but I do know that God's will sure will be done in 2011. And that is the only thing I can trust, and love, and follow.

Happy New Year!

I'm joining...


  1. yay! just found your blog! =) What a great list of lifestyle changes! I keep adding to mine daily.. i can't stop!

    We for sure are going to rock 2011 =)

    Nice to meet you doll! can't wait to read more!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Great list. I think I'm going to steal some of your resolutions. I've found that eating well is all about planning. That's it. If you can plan it out, it's cake - well, not real cake unfortunately :( I also struggle with reading the Word. There is SO much. I feel like I need to go to Seminary to truly understand everything. If you figure something out let me know! I tried reading through the bible from front to back - taking notes along the way. I knew it would take along time, but seriously, I barely finished Genesis. Reading the bible and truly studying it is a commitment and hard, but what a great thing to do. Ok, last thing- I recommend the 30 day shred. It's 20 minutes a day. All you need is a set of weights. It's something you can keep doing after 30 days, too. Or run every other day instead of doing the video daily. It's Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser.
    Ok, I'm done with my novel! Thanks for sharing your resolutions. They've convicted me!!

  3. Hi Laura. I wanted to recommend a simple way to start reading the bible more. Start in Proverbs. Read the chapter that corresponds with the day. For example today is Jan.2 so read Proverbs 2. Pick out a verse that you want to focus on for the day. It only takes a few minutes and will give you lots of wisdom :)

  4. Hey! it seems the more and more i read your blog, the more i am like wow she sounds like me or going through some of the same thoughts i do, its always interesting to read your blogs! I know exactly what you mean by stress and the whole job factor, and well its not always easy to deal with, in fact i some how never manage it. But i know this works for my brother and his wife, they make a deal they each have 30 minutes when they get home to tell each other about there day and then leave it, they are done and they dont say a word after that about there work....let it go, i dont know maybe it will work for you?

    Hope that might help!
    Have a blessed night
    susan leigh

  5. What a wonderful blog...That picture is just so awesome - it made me smile, think of a time I heel clicked for joy and then made me chuckle... what a joyful, inspiring picture. THANKYOU!
    If you get a chance stop by and say hi... I'm only 3 months into my blogging escapade but loving any feedback/comments/followers

    The Spangler @
    The Quick Unpick

  6. such a good list, friend!!!! i agree with you with everything on your list. :)

    happy new year, friend!!!

  7. I love your list. I do want to love me more in 2011. Have a fabulous week!

  8. Love your resolutions and how you made them a mix between loving who you are and striving to be a better person. And I totally understand the biting nails one: I bit my nails for 13 years and FINALLY stopped last summer. At first it was really hard, but once I started getting fun nail polish colors and my nails got stronger/less brittle, it wasn't too bad! Go treat yourself to a nice nail polish every few weeks as a reward for not biting them...it's a great motivator! :]

  9. I love your approach. Traditional "resolutions" are hard to stick to...I do better with goals and purposeful thoughts. I really enjoyed visiting your blog!


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