10 January 2011

It's in the Bag Blog Crawl

A Hasty Life

I'm so excited to kick things off for Ashley's blog crawl! Ashley from A Hasty Life is hosting a purse themed blog crawl with each lady sharing what inside and what it says about the owner.

My purse:

Simple, brown, cross the chest. I like to keep my arms free at all times.

I also like a smaller purse. I never really keep a lot in there and I like things to be as organized as possible. Everything has it's own little spot.

It's a fossil and it was my Christmas gift from my hubby.

Clockwise from top.

Wallet- One of my favorite items, in my favorite color, gray. It's cute and slim and simple. It's from Kohls.

Keys- My job requires I have a lot of them and they're pretty important. Pocket knife so I can always be prepared. Clip so I can lose them as few times as possible (I tend to misplace things).

Phone- Boring. Hopefully that doesn't reflect on my personality! It's kind of old and makes phone calls. Nothing else. I love it!!

Ipod- I took a hiatus from my ipod for a long time and am trying to get back into the listening to music while I go places thing. It's filled it with Christian music.

Pens- Very important.

Gussy bag- I just love, love, love Gussy!

Lotion- I have such dry skin, especially in the winter. This is my favorite scent from B&B Works, Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Lip stuff- Gloss and lip stick (in the perfect neutral shades).

Business card pockets, made by me- One for business cards (work and shop) and the other for membership cards. Anything I can do to not lose things.

I'm not always the most prepared person in the world, so I've tried to step that up recently.

In the gussy bag, you will find.

Hand sanitizer- Things can get yucky real quick, you need to be ready for them.

Lady things- You just never know.

Chapstick- Very important in the winter.

Pony tail holder- I hardly ever put my hair up, but you never know when I'll need to do an emergency hair change.

Bobby pins- For when I can't handle my bangs any more.

Bandaids- For little ouchies.

Glasses cleaner- Vital if you wear glasses. My dirty glasses never really bother me, but they super bother my hubby.


There you have it. All that in my little, simple, slightly boring yet just perfect for me purse.

Tomorrow LeeAnn from Join the Gossip will be sharing her purse! Make sure you stop by.

For a complete list of the blog crawl participants, go here.



  1. Love love love your post!! Thank you so much for participating!! I got caught without chap stick yesterday and was in dire need!! My lipstick just WASN'T doing it!! Ugh. I also keep keys and pens (are those sharpie pens?!). I adore your Gussy bag. I really want one! Add it to the wish list!

    <3 Ashley

  2. i really love your satchel! those are the best for running out the door - i have a similar fossil one like it!

    and seems like everyone owns a Gussy pouch. i love the pattern of yours! might have to grab my own. :)

  3. hehe i LOVE that you, me, and oh sweet joy all have gussy sew pouches in our bags!!! :) love your cute bag!!

  4. now i'm really aching for a gussy pouch...
    love those cross-body purses, i'm always switching between a big bag (that traps way too much) and one like yours :)
    great post, Laura!

  5. How fun! Love the purse adn your little Gussy bag! I like your business card pockets too - what a great idea! :)

  6. Cute bag and I LOVE your Gussy bag :) Reading over your post, it occured to me that I should really start keeping glasses cleaner in my purse too!

  7. I LOVE your bag!! I have a similar one, but I can not wear it right now, as I am caring everything but the kitchen sink in it!! :)
    I love your impromptu first aid kit!! You are so so so so smart!!
    HAve a wonderful day!

  8. I really like those adorable little business card holders you made! So cute.

  9. I LOVE Japanese Cherry Blossom!! AND you DO NOT wanna see whats in my purse!!! I have a tot! HA!

  10. That Gussy bag is too adorable for words. I have SERIOUSLY got to get myself one!

  11. Hi. New here...
    Love the bag. Japanese cherry blossom is awesome! And I've been looking for that perfect neutral lip color... Mind sharing your secret?


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