09 January 2011

Word of the Year: Balance

This year, Lisa Leonard and Ali Edwards are challenging their readers to chose a word for the year. 
[Lisa's even holding a little giveaway]

Did you pick a word for the year?

I am new to this concept, and I thought to myself, what on earth is this all about?

Ali Edwards tells us, 
"And what do you do with this one little word?
You live with it. You invite it into you life. You let it speak to you. You might even follow where it leads. There are so many possibilities."
Well, I've chosen my word.
It's no secret that I have an interesting job, and balance is pretty hard to come by when your office is four steps away from your front door.
my old office [luckily my new office is no longer next to the apartment...it's across the hall]

Earlier this month I shared my "lifestyle changes" for 2011. Number 3 is balance.

3. Find balance and stop making excuses. I have a stressful job. I'm a stress-prone lady. I live where I work. I worry. It's not a great combination. I need to make a commitment to turning off work when I get home [or at least when I can] and a commitment to stepping up the work when I'm at work [working smarter not harder as they say]. That way my students and my husband all get the best of me instead of the yucky leftovers.

I just pray that God will quiet my mind, calm my worry, give me peace, and help me find a bit of balance in the life he has given me. I am truly blessed to have my amazing job, to be the wife to a kind and handsome man, and to have a cute little handmade business. Better balance can only help me to be better at all three.


  1. i cannot even imagine being steps away from my office, but am always in awe of the resident directors on my campus! i think 'balance' is a great word of the year :) loved this post, Laura!

  2. I was hearing alot about this word for the year thing too. I put a lot of thought into what my word should be, and the word "intentional" kept coming to mind. I feel like something I just make it through my days, but instead I want to be intentional...about the way I live, the way I treat my husband and children, the opportunities that I say yes to. Intentional.

  3. I love your word. Balance is something I have to work on every day. My word for the year is "constant". I want to be constant in my affection towards God and others, constantly read His word, etc.

  4. Balance is a good word for 2011...everyone needs balance in their lives.
    Kudos to you for living so close to work, it must be difficult at times!

  5. Looks like balance is a popular word this year. It's mine too! I'm looking forward to seeing how you do with it - I am finding it is a very difficult word!

  6. yup yup! balance is totally my word this year too!! with work, blogging, my shop, being a good wife, housework, and traveling all over to see fiends/family... i hardly ever sleep!! i need to work on that this year for sure!!!

  7. I completely understand where you're coming from! Technically my office is right downstairs, but I do most of my work in the apartment. If I actually went into the office, I'm sure no one would know to come look for me there! There are definitely days when I feel stressed and I take out everything on my residents, my husband, or both and I really am trying to make sure I don't do that! And like you said, I'm trying to "turn off my work at home" as well by only working on paperwork during my duty hours and not letting it carry over into my time when I could be hanging out with the hubby!


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