07 February 2011

What Inspires Jordyn

what inspires me?

jordyn here, from intangible goodness. who doesn't love being inspired? my husband and i literally go on dates to places that make us feel inspired (but that would have to be a whole other post.). i want to share a few things that are very tangible and close to me that bring inspiration. we would be in a constant state of burnout if we always had to go looking for inspiration, don't you think?

our humble newly-wed living room
1. color. i cannot get enough color. i never really planned a color scheme for our home (shame on me, i know). i just buy things that catch my eye; things that i just love looking at. things that inspire me. my yellow and grey pillows, my bright green lamp, my green leaf curtains from ikea, my mustard chair, my red-orange flowery pillow, i love it all. and you know what, it works. it works because it inspires me.

quilts from our wedding, it was a very cold november day.
2. quilts. i love them! they're colorful, they're handmade, they have stories, they have patience in every stitch, they have color, they're cozy. i don't think i'll ever have the patience to quilt, but it's definitely a dream of mine.

don't you love this? check out karensagez's shop on etsy.

3. children's things. i'm at this stage of my life where i don't want to have babies yet. key word: yet. however, i know that sometime in the near and distant future we will. in the meantime, every mother's blog, every shop for kids, every handmade item under "children" on etsy is inspirational to me. i want to be ready, even though i know i'll never really be ready. it's kind of exciting at this stage of life; its like being three days away from christmas and being giddy with anticipation but not ready for christmas to be here because it'll be gone in the blink of an eye.

that's us. 

4. my husband. "awwww" i know, i know. ben is just the most encouraging person i know.  he makes me feel like my crafts are the best in the world and that i'm making a huge impact in the lives of the four-year olds that i teach. we all know, those things are not completely true, but to hear them come from my husband makes me feel like i can conquer the world. not to mention, how inspiring i find his genuine, christ-like love. sorry, that was a little gushy.


What inspires you?

During these next few weeks I'd love to feature you. What brings you warmth in the winter? What lights up your days during these dark months?

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  1. I love the basket of blankets from your wedding! What great idea. My wedding was so hot we had to go get ice chests and hand out bottled water.


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