11 March 2011

Shops I Adore: Much Ado About You

There are just so many gorgeous handmade shops out there that I want to start sharing some of my favorites with you. Those shops that catch my eye, make me happy, bring a smile to my face.
Simply, shops that I adore.

If you're looking to get organized in 2011, this is the shop for you.  Emmy features the most beautiful custom planners and her shop has been on my list of favorites for quite some time.

So I own one of Emmy's planners, and all I have to say is...

be jealous!!

I received it a few weeks ago and it hasn't let my side. I am really picky when it comes to planners, but my Much Ado About You planner is perfect.

I am in love with all the detail that Emmy uses to make each planner so special.

Each month features a beautiful card stock letter. Each tab is made of beautiful paper and sparkly embellishments. 

The front page is protected with a clear durable sheet while the back page is laminated.

There is also a pocket in the back... I use it to store sticky notes.

I love that each day has it's own column and times so that I can keep all my appointments straight.

And each month spans two pages.

They look so pretty and clean before I got to them.

Oh geez, I'm embarrassed to show you all the craziness I have going on!

Emmy has great attention to detail and every unique element of my planner matches perfectly.

Interview with Emmy:

What is the story behind your shop name?

I started my business as an event planning and party design shop, so the name Much Ado About You {obviously a play on the Shakespearean title Much Ado about Nothing} came from the idea that it was my desire to take on my clients' planning burdens and create fabulous, stress-free events for them.

God had a different plan for my business, which evolved practically overnight after I created a product for myself that other people seemed to want. A lot of other people.

The name just stuck.

What inspires you to create?

Practical need inspires my products, but beautiful paper inspires my creativity. I love paper {so much so that I have a blog called Confessions of a Paper Freak}. I really love to combine colors and patterns in unexpected ways. And truth be told I am often inspired by my underwear. I wear fun patterned underwear, and sometimes I will catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror wearing pink damask underwear and a kelly green tank top and think...ooh, that would make a cute calendar!

What can be found in your shop?

Mostly what can be found in my shop are calendars...cute, fun, practical, personalized calendars. But we also sell address books, journals, and some fun additions to the calendars like pen loops and coordinating book marks. We have some new products in development that we are really excited about and hoping to introduce in the coming months, but you'll have to check back to find out about those!

What is one word to describe your work?

Gosh...I'm way too much of a yacker to narrow it down to just one word. But if I must...fabulous. After all, Much Ado About You is where fabulous is personal again!



  1. How pretty and functional!! I love it!!

  2. Oh Laura, you are gonna cost me a lot of money! lol These are so cute and I only use paper planner, nothing on the computer so these are perfect.


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