25 March 2011

Shops I Adore: Yellow Hope

There are just so many gorgeous handmade shops out there that I want to start sharing some of my favorites with you. Those shops that catch my eye, make me happy, bring a smile to my face.
Simply, shops that I adore.


I just love Rebecca and everything about her shop, Yellow Hope.

Yellow Hope features adorable scripture memory cards perfect for pockets and purses. A simple reminder of the Truth during a busy day.


I have three sets of cards and I just love them. I have them in my office, in my room, any place I need a little reminder.

Interview with Rebecca:

What's the story behind your shop name?

Well, it started out as a username back when I was in college.  My Mom had cancer and that was around the time it was popular to wear the YELLOW Livestrong bands.  Yellow is also my favorite color.  When I first started my Etsy shop [February, 2008], I had no idea about the handmade community in connection with blogging.  I had a blog and a blog friend mentioned Etsy.  So I quickly signed up and threw in my "yellowhope" username.  It has come to mean so much more, though.  YELLOW is my favorite color.  I love Jesus and the HOPE that is found in Him!

What inspires you to create?

My favorite magazine is Country Living.  It is enough country without being over-the-top-patchwork-type of country.  Not that that is bad....it's just not me!  I love the bright colors they use.  Of course, I also love Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple.  I love, love, love designer fabric and paper.  And there are so many inspirational bloggers in the blogosphere which continually amaze and inspire me.

What can be found in your shop?

Currently, many sets of Scripture cards.  They are mostly based on topic.  The idea is to display them in a convenient place where you can meditate or memorize a Bible verse.  My Mom has a set on her kitchen window ledge.  I keep a set on a ring clip in my purse.  It's great when I am bored [doctor's office, traffic back-ups, etc...].

I am working to expand my shop to include more things than just Scripture cards.  Right now, I have cute throw pillow covers listed.  I hope to add aprons and totes soon.  It would be wonderful to eventually add quilts.

What is one word that describes your shop?

Oooh.  Hard question.  I'll choose the word colorful.



  1. i love rebecca - she is soooo sweet!
    great interview, ladies :)

  2. Wow, I might have to get some of these. I've been wanting to memorize more scripture. I'm just not sure what translation to use yet. Rebecca, if you don't mind sharing, why do you use the KJV?


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