15 April 2011

The Best Video You'll Ever See

Ok, maybe not the best, but I think it's pretty great!

Those are two of my students. And yea, that's me on the guitar. I'm not very good. In fact I only know roughly 4 notes. Luckily those are the four in the song.

Happy Friday!



  1. I never took you as one who would play favorites, Laura. Friday? What about all the other days that are also totally deserving of songs being sung about them? ;P

  2. I love that you made your public guitar debut with "Friday." :)

  3. haha, nice! you're much better at guitar than me...i'm still in the getting-the-fingers-used-to-the-pain stage. :/


  4. OH!!!!! This is SOOOO much better than the original!! I love it! :)

  5. Sweet. I loved it!! And it put a smile on my face this rainy day - yay!!


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