27 April 2011

Paint Chip Crafts

Every time I go to a hardware store, I have to pop into the paint section and pop a few paint chips in my purse.

The bright colors, the cascading shades, the perfect little squares, and the silly names.

juno peach, vintage vogue, in your eyes, all-a-blaze source

Lately I've been seeing some super cute and super unique paint chip crafts for all seasons.

paint chip bunting from Sugar and Dots

paint chip Christmas gift tags found on And the World Spins

paint chip clocks found on Curbly

paint chip gift tags from Bella Carta

paint chip Easter Garland from Modern Parents

pain chip Valentine's cards found on Country Living

geometric paint chip wall art found on Curbly

and the sweetest ride around!


  1. I JUST read this blog post from an art teacher in Florida. Seems like paint chip crafts are pretty popular right now!



  2. Um, I love those clocks! Love them!

  3. oooh - i like these, especially the easter garland and the framed artwork. project!

  4. oh the bunting...be still my heart!!

  5. OH my gosh, something else for me to collect and hoard to craft with. These are adorable!!!

  6. Those gift tags would be fun to make! I love that paint chips are free :)

  7. I love the colors and vibrancy of paint chips and I would LOVE to do some of these projects!!!! I totally agree with Sarah, I love that paint chips are free!!! :)

  8. Such cool and colourful ideas!!!

  9. Love it! I used some paint swatches for an Easter craft & for a mosaic that hangs in my room!


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