08 April 2011

Spring Cleaning: Advice From the Experts

A few weeks ago I asked you to share your best cleaning tips and tricks in order to enter the Shaklee giveaway. Y'all had some good stuff. Makes me want to kick my spring cleaning behind into gear! (check out the original comments here)

- Ditch the paper towels. Use newspaper when you're cleaning your windows for a streak free shine. Use a mixture of vinegar and water to make homemade window cleaner.

- Oven seen better days? Sprinkle baking soda in the over, spray with water and let sit for about an hour. Go back later and wipe it out with a wet rag.

- Baking soda does the trick on faucets too.

- Cleaning is good for you. You burn 119 calories vacuuming, 102 calories washing the windows, 78 ironing, and 85 dusting.

- Nasty microwave? Add the juice of one lemon to a cup of water and microwave for 10 minutes. Let it stand for 3 minutes and then wipe down.

- It was pretty clear from your comments that cranking up the tunes makes cleaning go faster.  

- Take one room at a time and make a plan! One reader suggested making a list or a diagram of how you're going to tackle cleaning. Start in one corner and work your way around. 

- Go through all your clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. and take out any items that you haven't work in the past year or season. As you go, label bags with "toss", "Goodwill", "giveaway," or "repair."

- While you're at it, transfer winter clothes to the back of your closet to get ready for the warm weather.

- Treat yourself after each room. What a great way to stay motivated.

- One reader takes everything out of a drawer or closet and goes to town!

- Make sure you clean everything in a room BEFORE you clean the floor. That way you catch any dirt or dust that's fallen along for the way.

- Cleaning is a family affair! Get the kids and hubby involved. Besides, you didn't make the mess alone.

- I love what one reader said, to never let your house get so bad in the winter that spring cleaning becomes overwhelming. If you're doing a major overhaul or just sprucing the place up, spring is a great time to throw open the windows, get rid of the clutter, and start fresh!



  1. Thanx for the lemon and H2o cleaner for the microwave...love the riding vac saying...
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  2. Wonderful tips!! Thank you, this will really help this weekend!! PS I always seem to vacuum the floors first, then clean everything. *sigh* One habit I *must* break!! Have a wonderful weekend friend!! xo

  3. great tips! i'll get working on this ;)

  4. I just came across your blog from looking at Olivia's blog designs. It's beautiful - the look and the content. I am now a follower! :)

  5. i totally agree on the newspaper to clean windows. Also vinegar is amazing!!!

    thanks for all the tips!

  6. My favorite glass cleaner recipe - http://fieldsofhether.blogspot.com/2011/04/glass-cleaner-recipe.html

    ammonia, rubbing alcohol, a drop of dish soap, and water. Works great on counters and appliances too!


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