23 May 2011

Praying for Each Other

Each Monday I will be posting prayer requests so that we can hold one another up and pray for each other throughout the week.

You can e-mail your prayers requests to me at iamalongfortheride[@]gmail[.]com. Feel free to e-mail today and I can add them. If you e-mail me throughout the week, I will post them next Monday.

Recent comment: Yesterday, a tornado tore through the heart of my hometown. There have been 89 confirmed deaths & thousands of injuries. It's been difficult cleaning up and rescuing because it was late when the tornado hit, & today it has been storming (rain, lightning). There have been multiple gas leaks, power lines downed, fires, & so on. We are on a boil order & getting into Joplin to help is not possible for us right now. The people of Joplin need your prayers.

Me: My husband and I live in Missouri, a few hours away from Joplin. Our hearts ache for those affected and for those who have lost loved ones. I pray that God's loving hand is upon each and everyone and that they find comfort in Him and others during this terrible time.

KathleenIf you could pray for my 21 year old daughter Jocelyn, I would really appreciate it.   She has been having really swollen joints for the past month and is really down about it.  Please pray for healing.  We are going to see an orthopedist tomorrow so please pray for wisdom for the doctor.  She is staying at school (IUP) for the summer to take some summer classes so it's been hard having her so sick and being so far away

Jacky: My fiancĂ© & I are getting married in October, and right now there are lots of decisions that need to be made/are being made, including where to live & job choices. The prayer request is that things will come together smoothly & that we'll have wisdom in making these choices.

EmilyCould you please be praying for my family?  We've been dealing with a lot for the past two years because my mom has lung cancer.  She is doing well, and the cancer is shrinking, but it's getting really hard to continue to fight this battle.  We all just want the battle to be over, so our lives can get back to "normal" again.   We're trusting and praying that the Lord will continue to heal mom's body, but are getting very weary.  Please be praying for us to have strength to take care of mom, for mom's body to be completely healed, and that we can win this battle.  

LaurenI've been suffering with sinuses and allergies off and on for almost a month and its starting to affect my day to day life (again). Will you just keep me in your prayers that my allergies and sinuses go away without me having to take a lot of medicine which makes me tired, irritated, and quite crabby.

Megan: My husband and I have a prayer request. To keep it simple, I will just say that we are struggling with being comfortable at our current church. We are practically the only young couple there and feel like it might be time to move on. Personally, I feel alone, as in without girlfriends, simply due to demographical issues. I am young, married, and do not have any children. Here in the south, most couples tend to have children early; therefore, having different schedules and needs as far as friends are concerned. Please pray for me to be diligent with my prayers and discipline, and for my husband that he will listen to the Lord and lead us in a manner like Christ. Please pray for us as we try to be as sensitive to the Spirit as possible. See this post for more information.


  1. My heart aches for those affected by the tornadoes. Everyone is definitely in our hearts and prayers.


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