19 May 2011

Shops I Adore: In His Grace

There are just so many gorgeous handmade shops out there that I want to start sharing some of my favorites with you. Those shops that catch my eye, make me happy, bring a smile to my face.

Simply, shops that I adore.

I'm saving up my money to own a beautiful print from In His Grace (although not much saving is necessary as they are super reasonable). And which one would I pick? They're all so beautiful!

She also has checkbook covers, pillows, and the most amazing list makers (for all us list makers out there!).

I just love Chrissie's shop because the virtues of faith and family shine through every piece.

Interview with Chrissie:

What is the story behind your shop name?

After years of making and selling a variety of art, including mosaics, paintings, quilted items, home decor, and writing and publishing a variety of books, I was told by those in the business that I needed to specialize in one area to ever really succeed. I had started to believe them until I had a revelation one day...  As long as I was honoring the word of God, I was already successful. God would not give me  a love and talent for many different types of art, if he did not intend for me to use them.

So in His grace was born. All items are handmade by me, and reflect the beauty of Christ's love. 25% of all proceeds go directly to CBC Seminole, a local foster and adoption agency.

What inspires you to create?

I think I was made to create! I am inspired by colors, patterns, textures...scripture, quotes, and books...my children, (and all children!) being outdoors in nature, and my relationships...

What can be found in your shop?

*original paintings and prints
*hand-sewn items, such as: pillows, bible bags, and small quilted items
*custom items, such as: embroidered portraits and name pillows

What is one word to describe your work?



  1. I love the list maker! It's great they she specialized in something so wonderful, and the proceeds go to foster/adoption!

  2. i LOVE Chrissie and her start every morning free print is up on my kitchen wall:)


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