16 June 2011

Inspiration Workshop: Green

Each week, Gussy Sews hosts the Inspiration Workshop. Maggie provides us with a prompt and asks us to share what it means to us.

This week: green
When I got this week's prompt, I squeeled with delight! Green is my absolute favorite shade!
Even around my office, green is everywhere.

To me, green is refreshing. It reminds me of growth, health, and new beginnings.

Remember the feeling when you saw the first bit of green peak out during spring? Or if you've ever had a dying plant that, with some water and care, a few green leaves begin to grow.

Green reminds me a life and the active role we have within it.

photos from pinterst. planner from much ado about you.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I really loved reading all that green reminds you of, too. Definitely inspiring. Mission accomplished :-)

  2. i love your thoughts on green and your photos are great! came over from gussy.

  3. Pretty! Green is honestly not my favorite color, but certain shades are so lovely!

  4. I love these photos! Green is one of my very favorite colors :)

  5. That's a real apple! It is not a prop! ;)


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