30 June 2011

Taking My Shop on the Road

Last weekend I participated in the With Heart Handmade Market, a new craft fair in my town.
A group of young women hosted the fair, and although the rain put a bit of a damper on its first year, I had a great time meeting some of my favorite local crafters and interacting with lots of new faces who are now sporting my items!

A few pictures from my booth. I tried to get creative with a few antiques and repurposed items.

Printer tray held bias tape earrings and button bobbies.

Fruit basket held rosette pins.

Antique muffin tin held cab earrings.

And an antique loaf pan held stacked hair pins.

Brooches on a cake plate.

Rosette pendant necklaces on an antique tool box.

And, of course, lots of old white plates.

Thank you to everyone who offered such great advice and help!


  1. it looks GREAT! hope it was a great success :)

  2. I love this so so much!! I've been stocking up on old white plates!!! I got 8 for $1.00 at a yard sale... This looks great you! You are so creative and beautiful!!

  3. wow! i love how you used all of the vintage things. it looks really nice!

  4. Oh my! All those lovelies!!!

  5. Looks like a wonderful idea! I hope you did well! I love the muffin tin usage! And the fruit baskets! Perfect!

  6. What a beautiful set up! I probably would have bought one of everything ;)

  7. Your booth looks fabulous Laura!! I love how you repurposed all the old things to hold your cute stuff. I think that's a great idea!!

  8. gorgeous YOU DID GREAT! :)Gina

  9. Blog surfing today, I found and fell in love with your blog. Well done!


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