03 July 2011

Etsy Help...Pretty Please

I'm struggling lately with my shop. I love the items I'm making, but I'm just running out of ideas for the photos. I've tried a few different things, but I'm just not happy with them.

Can you help?

I'm looking for some advice...
- on my photos
- my products
- my shop in general

I absolutely love creating simple, beautiful things... I just want to make sure I'm putting my best foot forward.

As a little incentive and a way to ask "pretty please with a cherry on top," one commenter will win a $10 shop credit.

Thanks so much friends!


  1. I love the way your shop looks. It's clean and easy. No frilly distractions or photos that are altered. I think it's just lovely. ♥

  2. hi! I would be happy to offer some ideas/suggestions but am curious about a couple things. Do you want to focus on jewerly? Are you thinking of adding new product or wanting to stick with your current inventory? I guess I don't know how to suggest something without knowing a bit more. Does that make sense? can you be more specific as to what you are looking for in ways of thoughts/suggestions? I think your pics are good. I like your props. I love the vintage plates and that gives your product an opportunity to be the focal point. Perhaps show how to wear some of the items?
    Also, during the next #setupshop chat we are doing "show and tell" which is when you can solicit feedback from others in a friendly, open, forum.

    I hope that this helps you some. :)gina

  3. Hi Laura!

    I just went to peak at your shop and I 'walked away' with a pair of earrings. *wink* Now for some thoughts!

    Whenever I'm browsing through items after doing a search, I'm drawn to pictures that show items more close-up. I like the way the pictures look with your 'Just Rosy' necklaces...especially the green one is a great shot. Maybe try to fill up more of the 'frame' with the earrings and the colorful part of your work.

    I also think you could try to play around with backgrounds a bit. Maybe use some simple but colorful scrapbook paper or colored plates. I'm drawn to the peach mum earrings because the plate in the photo looks turquoise. Think of great color combos and use them...like bright teal with your yellow earrings or baby blue with salmon/red items. The colors would make your product stand out more when people are browsing through long lists of similar items. It seams that lots of people photograph jewelry on white backgrounds. I'd also love to see some 'action' shots of your work...what the earrings look like on, how the bobbies look in hair, etc.

    As for the shop in general...I love the creativity behind your shop sections, but they make it a little difficult to locate specific items. I wanted to see all the colors available in the mum earrings, and I had to click through all of your categories before finding the one I wanted. That could deter people from spending more time in your shop. Maybe use some of the creative wording in the actual product names and then simplify those categories. I think that might make your items stand out more in searches, too. I'd be more inclined to click over to "I'm a little bit biased: bias tape earrings" than I would to "Bias tape earrings" because it sounds more fun and creative, and I like to buy from fun and creative shop owners. :)

    I feel like this is the longest comment ever. Ha! Hope you find some good ideas in these comments. You've got some great things in your shop, and I totally understand the desire to freshen things up from time to time. I do the same thing!



  4. I think your shop is fabulous as is! If you actually wanted to take new pictures, I would suggest finding one perfect prop for all of the items (A pretty plate or something to hang the jewelry off of or a simple flower...or be creative!) and take ALL of your pictures in the same spot, preferably outside, moving the prop around a bit for each photo but still the same basic concept...it will make the shop look cleaner and more uniform. But again, there's really nothing wrong with the photos you have now! You got the lighting right, the products look clear, they are overall nice!

    Your products are great, I wouldn't do anything different! Love the flower items (Rings, hair pins!)


  5. Well you know I'm a big fan of your shop, so it is tough for me to make suggestions. I love your photos, especially the ones against the white plate. But I think it would be helpful if you added more photos of how the items are worn. Some of your items look completely different on than they do in the prop pictures. I think both are necessary for someone to really judge how awesome your product is. Keep up the good work! I still love my earrings and I often get compliments on them and of course I send them your way. :)


  6. I'm really into paper doilies right now, so maybe you could use a doily as the surface for your cute accessories! Although, I think your photos are already great.

  7. I agree with Kate 3, that the close-up photo in this listing is awesome.
    Beautiful Begonia I would watch the white balance, to make sure the white background is true to life. I have to correct for this a lot with my little camera, but picassa does a great job editing. I think you've created some great products. Keep up the great work!

  8. I like rustic things- outdoor things in the summer.
    Old picnic tables, maybe a cement sidewalk, that type of thing.

  9. I think your shop looks really sweet Laura! I'm drawn to the wood/concrete backgrounds you've used - but that's personal taste. :) The other gal who suggested contrasting colors had a good idea too.
    I struggle with the same thing - it's tough to find backgrounds that showcase the item without taking away the focus. Though I think you're doing a great job!

  10. I do love your shop & your items. My only suggestion? More shots of what people are wearing. (something I am working on)

    Are you happy with what you make? Honestly that's what matter THE MOST. If you believe in what you make, and are proud of your craft, than that is great! Then the only thing from there is to find the best way to share that love with others...

    My only other tip? Perhaps elaborating on your item descriptions so they show up better in Etsy search!

    I really hope that helps! And if you ever drop by my shop... I wouldn't mind some advice... :)


  11. I think classic, simple, clean shots are the best. And consistency in your photos. I have always liked the photos that you take on the white plate (or any light color for that matter). It's easy to see the product without being distracted by the props or background.

  12. Hey Laura,

    I think your shop is so pretty! I don't have any major help for you...I do like consistent photo backgrounds & a photo of the product being worn. :)


  13. Hi Laura,

    I would agree with what the majority of people have said. :) Obviously, I think your shop and products are great! You are the seller that I most often buy from! My only suggestion would be, like most others said, maybe more pictures of the products being worn by people. I also really enjoy your products photographed on the white plates, but if you really want some new backgrounds you could photograph stuff with fabric as a background, or outdoor elements like wood, cement, grass, etc. My only product suggestion would be making bias tape rosette bracelets?! I don't know exactly how you would go about doing that or if it's possible, just a thought. However, I love all the products you already have, so in my humble opinion you have no need for new ones. I'm sure though if you did come out with new stuff I would love it! Love your shop! Sorry this was long...I hope it was somewhat helpful!


  14. Hi Laura,

    Overall I think your shop looks really great compared to many that I've seen but I'll dig deep in my mind for some tips!

    I think having a little bit of color in your banner might be nice. For the most part your products are very bright and the banner just seems a little different than what I see in the shop below. I have been known to judge a shop by it's banner, though I know I shouldn't. I look at it as a preview of the shop, I suppose.

    I like your listings that feature only one of whatever it is in the thumbnail photo.. the others are a little busy and my eyes tend to pass right over them.

    Be careful when you're using the same background in multiple photos - it looks like you're using a while plate but the white balance is different from photo to photo. That would make me a little curious about the actual color of the item. Know what I mean? That may be a little picky of me but I'm a photographer so I notice those things and worry that I may be seeing a significantly different color and I will receive.

    I like the names of your shop categories. They're straightforward and not confusing!

    More photos of your products being worn would be nice.

    Everything else looks great! :)


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