29 August 2011

Praying for Each Other

(I'm sorry, I forgot to hit publish this morning)

AmandaAaron and I are still trying to trust God right now that He will provide a job for Aaron to support our family.  Please be praying that Aaron's interview Monday at noon would go well.  We are thankful for a friend who helped us financially recently, but are still hoping to find employment soon.  Could you please also pray for our midwife appointment on Tuesday?  I haven't gained any weight at all yet this pregnancy, but thankfully my appetite has gotten better and I'm beginning to be able to eat better (Praise God I got some veggies in today).  I'm also just struggling with being discouraged today and would appreciate prayer for that. 

Jessea: My prayer request is that my family could find a way to make more money- with Gods help- we are a very happy, but very poor family..but we are great in heart and hugs and snuggles. 

Me: Please pray for my students. I run a residence hall with 400+ students and 13 RAs. Please pray that they make good choices, get connected, and start out on a path to a successful college career.  Please pray that I can continue to be a hall coordinator that loves my students and supports them unconditionally. Pray that I can be an example of love, kindness, responsibility, and integrity.

Pray for my hubby. He's stressed! With school, work, life. Please pray that the Lord would grant him peace and help him accomplish on the things that he needs to do.

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