13 September 2011

Guest Post: Uncommon

Today I'm over at Uncommon sharing a tutorial for their Tuesday Trade-Off

In return, Trish and Bonnie are sharing a fabulous idea for fall, Halloween Pumpkin Topiaries!

Trish and I just love decorating our homes for Halloween!
Today we would like to show you a trio of pumpkin topiaries and first up is Trish's Halloween  Pumpkin Topiary...

This adorable project was based on this inspiring photo...

This topiary really makes quite a statement on your front porch both in the daytime hours and night as well. The light that shines through is just stunning! Wanna make your own? Here are a few hints and tips to help you out....
  • Make sure you buy your faux pumpkins with a coupon, they can be really pricey!
  • Match up your pumpkins in the store to make sure they are going to fit together well!
  • Make sure you are outside when you cut the bottoms out and drill the holes in the pumpkins, as all that faux pumpkin stuff can be very messy!
  • Wire, glue, or some other way, attach the pumpkins together to ensure that a child  storm does not knock it over!
  • Trish simply used a black sharpie to draw her tree!
  • Lastly, get creative! Trish added a spooky black crow to hers, to tie in her other porch decor!
Here are two other fabulous topiaries we love, to stir your creativity....


The possibilities are truly endless for creating your own, unique little pumpkins! We hope we have inspired you to create your own!!

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