28 September 2011

Things I've Been Thinking...

  • I go to the post office a lot and it has a distinctive smell. Today I finally figured out what it smells like...Play dough!
  • I have often wondered why our local Goodwill is no good in terms of finding finds. You know why? Because all the good stuff lives at Salvation Army. Going back asap!
  • Food is funny. I hated guacamole and ranch dressing growing up. I thought they were "grody." Now I simply can't get enough of either.
  • You know how many times I think "wow, God is amazing?" A lot. You know how many times I should be thinking "wow, God made that and did that and works in that and is doing that?" Infinity x a lot.
  • Everyone should keep Ramen Noodles in their house. The noodles can go in salads. The seasoning can spice up chicken. Or you can be like me and just eat it, a lot. I eat more Ramen now than I did in college. I have to use a spoon AND a fork. I don't break up the noodles (hence the fork) and I like just a little bit of broth (in comes in the spoon). I also think how you prefer your Ramen speaks a lot about you. It's funny that my longest thought is about Ramen. What does THAT say about me?
  • [Watching Wheel of Fortune] Gosh I am bad at Wheel of Fortune. I am, however, a rock start at Family Feud.
  • [Pursuing the shelves at the library] Boy there are a lot of self-help Christian books. Do we really need them? What kind of book would Jesus write? Oh wait...
  • Sometimes I see students on campus wearing ridiculous things and I think "is it serious, is it silly, or did they lose a bet?"
What are you thinking about RIGHT NOW!?


  1. I just wrote one of the things i've been thinking about a lot lately in a blog scheduled for tomorrow morning. A summary of it is people take life WAAY too seriously.

    And your one about the christian self-help books really is so true.... though I own a lot of christian books (idunno if they're necessarily self help) but most of them i haven't read.

  2. yesh...i know...i feel like anyone could write a christian self-help book! lol...okay many have been uber helpful to me...

  3. I had a trader joe's ramenesque noodle bowl for lunch today. Yum!
    I'm excited to get to know you on your blog. Following you from Soleil Selene.

  4. You know there are two Salvation Army Stores in Columbia?

  5. I can't get enough of ramen noodles lately. I'm absolutely addicted to the Chili flavor. Mmmm

  6. our Salvation Army never has good stuff...Goodwill and Value Village for me!

  7. I really love what you have been thinking!

  8. I was just thinking about your last comment about what the kids on campus wear. It made me think of a guy in our church who had a very long mohawk and a beird. He lost a bet, so he had to shave his head and now just has a bald head with a beird. It looks kinda weird. (Sidenote: Said guy is a friend of my husband and I. We really think he is an awesome fellow. He just has different style than we do.)

  9. I am thinking that I haven't heard anyone say "grody" in such a long time! Haha! That's awesome! I had forgotten that word. :)

  10. I wish my PO smelled like Play Dough. I love that smell. I also love SalVal (do people in other areas call it that or just us up here?)

    Still hate ranch dressing and guacamole. Yucky.

    I have only eaten Ramen in college. Not my favorite. WAY too salty.

    Wheel *pause* of *pause* Fortune . . . LOVE THAT SHOW. I used to have the hand-held game because I loved it so! I am good at Wheel, hubby is good at Jeopardy. I think that says something about us.

    Yup, self-help books annoy me :/.

    I often wonder what people are thinking when the get dressed, including myself.

  11. I was just thinking of having some Ramen for breakfast. I hate breaking up the noodles too. I like the long pieces.

    I love the Salvation army!! I think I may have to pop by this weekend!

    And I say Grody So much!


  12. This is a great post! Value Village is where the treasures are found in my neck of the woods. I have never actually eaten Ramen noodles... but I assume they are very similar to Ichiban. :)

  13. As I was reading your post, I was thinking about how your tweets were cracking me up the other night while you were watching Extreme Couponing. Love that show!!

  14. I found you from Soleil Selene and I am thinking - Wow I am so glad I saw this blog. Love, Love, Love this!!!!

    Look forward to seeing more from you!


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