08 October 2011

Day 7 and 8: Hubby Time

This semester has really taken a toll on Kyle and I. He's finishing up his masters this year and busier than ever. It's been hard for us to find time to spend together, so the time we had this weekend was a blessing.

Friday night- 

Dinner and drinks downtown
[in order take drinks out on little street-side tables, they give you a "snack"]


Pumpkin festival. 

It was in a tiny little town [population 180] and I think the entire town was there along with all their neighbors.


  1. What a cute little snack to go along with your drinks. :)

  2. Those roosters you are holding in the last photo, are adorable!!!

  3. you guys are too cute!! hope you had a wonderful, restful day!! :)

  4. y'all are so cute! And what a fun day that looks like!!!


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