14 November 2011

Praying for Each Other

Jen: I’m struggling with figuring out financially how I’llkeep my son in college.  Things are so tough financially, we’rerecovering from a company closure that caused my husband to lose his job. He’s got a new job, but you know the deal.  Playing catch up! I’m one of millions right now and feel selfish for asking for prayers,but it’s bringing me down mentally now too.

Kelly-Jo: I have a friend that is pregant with twins and I was wondering if you all wouldn't mind praying for her? I copied this from her status: "I am in need of as many prayers as possible. Twim A(eliana) is measuring alot smaller than twin B(gabb...y). The dr is 99% sure it is a placental sharing issue. Eliana is measuring 2 1/2 lbd, while Gabby is over 3 lbs. The placenta will only last, at the most, four more weeks. So please pray that I can get these four more weeks. I will be delivering in cleveland. And the girls will most likely be in the NICU."

Christy: [Her cousin Nick, 29 years old, admitted himself into a drug/alcohol rehab center 3 weeks ago]. I wanted to update you on Nick since you and some of your readers are praying for him. He has found Jesus! In his 3rd week at the rehab center. He tells us he sees Jesus in everything around him, especially his circumstances. It's so amazing to see God pick Nick up off the floor, pretty literally, and set him up on his feet, while teaching him that he should lean on Jesus. And that's exactly what he's doing. He asked his girlfriend Naomi to find them a home church while he's in rehab so that they'll have somewhere to go when he gets home (on Christmas Eve.)

Would you please pray this week for God's continued blessings on Nick. Pray that Nick will be able to find a new job when he gets out. (His old boss is a stumbling block to him, apparently a big drinker.) Praise God for how He is helping Nick!

Jenfier: You can pray for my neighbor this week she is being evicted and wants to trust God for a miracle. Also pray for our family to reach the lost for Christ! Thanks for asking.

Cat: Could you pray for my best friend? Her husband is leaving the military this week and they don't have another job lined up yet. Also, I'm having some health issues that I'd like answers on.

Rebecca: That the right doors open in the right time, and I know/see them without a shadow of a doubt

Simply Lovely Things: Please lift up my fiance and his family. Right now they are in such a dark place. So much sadness. His aunt whom he is especially close had a stroke today. She is alive and fighting but it is a scary time. he's on the road tonight driving across county to be with her and his family. Please pray he makes it safe and that she pulls through. her two little boys need her! 

How can we pray for you?

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  1. I am so glad that Christy's cousin Nick found God and that he is doing better. I am praying for him and everyone else!!


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